So I am a hopeless case when it comes to cheese, but a friend of mine things it is a good thing. Apparently you clog your artery and die an untimely death, that means you end up disrupting the environment much less than you are supposed to. Blah logic, but there you go! I used to make toasted cheese sandwiches in my trusty sandwich toaster (My aunt likes to think of herself as the resident gadget guru and often palms off stuff which she later realizes were epic failures), but thanks to a recent power shortage, I have decided to use electricity less and gas more.

Result: These Toasted Sandwiches which taste *pause for the effect* PERFECT.

I repeat, PERFECT.

No, I DO NOT KID. These are. I swear. To a hungry human in the middle of the night.

Perfection personified.

Dear friend, here are the things you need to make this delightful dish–

Depending upon your depth of hunger, bread slicesx 2 (i.e. you need multiples of two to make these sandwiches, because you need one slice to hold it and one slice to top it)
Mozzarella cheese slices. Preferably cut from a fresh ball of Mozzarella
Cheese Spread to hold it together
Olives/pickled chillies/pickled jalapenos if you like the sourness
Raw onions/pickled onions, if you like it
Ham slices if you like it
Mayo, if you dont have cheese spread, and/or, you want this to be slightly sweet/different tasting
butter/margarine/oil… teeny tiny bit on each slice of bread to make sure it gets properly toasted
How do you go about making it?

well, first you spread the butter/margarine/oil on one side of the bread, and put the bread on a plate, butter side down, in order to slather it with cheese spread/mayo, and cover it with mozzarella slices, leaving 1/4th inch of bread on all sides. This is important because you REALLY dont want mess. you might want to put in a few bits of onion or chillies. Me, I dont bother with these things when I get cheese. Just follow the rule and do not let them get out of the borderline.  Top with another slice of bread, slathered with Mayo/Cheese Spread on the side facing down, and slight hint of the butter/margarine/oil facing up.

Now put a flat tawa or frypan on your gas and put two or three of these beauties on the pan to fry on medium low heat. DO NOT OVERCROWD PAN.

When you see the bread getting nicely toasted on one side, then put a big flat lid or something similar over the sandwiches, to press them down, and then put heavy weights on them. I had soy sauce and rice wine bottles handy.

Flip. Repeat till you see lovely brown golden joys happen and the kitchen will smell of toasted bread.

The Result upon First Cutting it:

Upon further Inspection and much Pulling the Cheese and letting it get slightly less hot:

Let me just say, All You Need is Cheese.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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