I like simple cooking. Period. I believe that people have a lot of things to do in life, and cooking is just one of them. Yes, I am passionate about food, cooking, eating and feeding others, but I am also passionate about a lot  more stuff that pass me by.

So, I would like to tell you what happened day before yesterday. I was with a friend who wanted to buy candle sticks (of all things!) at Shopper’s Stop on a Sunday. Now that is a pretty dumb thing to do, considering the Shopper’s Stop is a very crowded place on a Sunday Afternoon, but the DUMBER thing she did was to wait for over 20 minutes at the counter as the lady in front of her hemmed and hawed and chose things AT the counter. All this time, I was standing in one corner, silently fuming at her, because I had to then rush to work.

As she finally came to the front and was about to put down her SINGLE purchase, a man came up right behind her, and said that he was really in a hurry and wanted to get just “ONE TINY LITTLE THING” and could she just let him go first?

Do you know what my friend did?

She let him. Knowing full well I was fuming and late, late, late.

At that moment, I have not hated anyone in the last couple of years as I hated her.

Hate is a mild word for what I felt at that point. I wanted to put her, head first, inside a large bowl of boiling water and cook her till she turned bright red and shiny.

Yes, I was thinking Lobster.

And Tomatoes. Which I can peel then and puree. Or cut in pieces and put them in Bruschetta.

So, here is one of the epitomes of simplicity. Of course, its not REALLY Bruschetta. You can call it cheese toast with tomatoes too. But its Bruschetta for me. ME ME ME.

Okay sorry.

Preheat your oven for 10 minutes at 200 Degrees Celsius or get your microwave prepared for some toasting/grilling magic.

Take thick, 3/4th-1 inch slices of bread, preferably whole wheat (I used bread I’d baked a couple of days back) and slather with some soft, preferably salty butter to not let the moisture from the cheese and tomatoes seep into the bread. You can also use olive oil, but trust me, butter is better. Toast the slices lightly.

Put a long, inviting slice of Mozzarella cheese on top and cover with slices of tomatoes soaked in olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Bake till the Mozzarella melts. Sprinkle with some Italian herb blend, or your very own Oregano Seasoning sneaked in from the Local Dominos, or any other seasoning you think might work.

Serve. Hot. Immediately. And. Eat. Immediately. Too. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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