Lying is something we all have done from time to time. At times, I have lied too. I admit it freely. But then, there are times, when you should start thinking about the lies weighing upon your conscience, and that is the time to tell the truth.

I am not being moralistic or judgemental. I think I personally do not qualify much for it. But I would like to be very clear – in my life I have tried to be as clear as I can with people around me, and sometimes it has been unpleasant because people prefer things being sugar coated. People like their life to be sweet, and not bitter. I have on occasions told lies, both big and small – for different purposes. But once said, I have realized that in the end it achieved nothing.

I stopped being friends with someone a while back because I could not take the fact that she kept on hiding things from me. She pretended to me that she was fine, she told me that she was all right with the developments in my life, but she wasn’t. Despite me asking her over and over again, she did not admit to the fact that there were certain things about me which mattered to her. She lied to me and herself that she was okay with me. But then, it did not last for a long time. Soon enough, things fell apart.

I do not regret losing a friend. I prefer it to having one who would tell me untruths and half-truths and we would end up sitting mutely with a bottle of wine between us.

A few days ago, I encountered someone close to me who had been lying and cheating for a considerable period of time. He had lied to his wife, lied to his family and his friends, but mostly, he had lied to himself, thinking that he could get away with it. Where are you going to go when your own conscience would not be able to support you? Where are you going to go when you start avoiding looking at the mirror? Somehow, the lines of the song, “Sinnerman”, keep on humming in the background.

The truth is, no matter what, once you cheat and lie, there is something inside you which knows the truth, and it eats you. Slowly. There is insolence, no doubt. But lying makes a human much worse than anything else – it makes him/her an object of pity, because he/she is stuck in a web of his/her own making.

And isn’t that pathetic?

There might be a question – what’s true? What’s right? What’s wrong? I won’t ask that question. I would only ask you to do what will make you look back at the mirror and not feel a twinge of guilt..

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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