Have you felt completely and utterly helpless at times when you realize that you cannot speak out loud about the injustice going on about you? I have to say, I have always been a diplomatic person, but when it is needed, I have spoken out loud and talked about my opinion. It happened when I took up English instead of Commerce, despite my family’s wishes for me to learn the art of finance, and maybe be a banker someday. It happened when I took up blogging instead of teaching, despite the fact that people wanted me to do a normal nine-to-five job. It happens all the time when I have to defend myself when people ask me why I am still unmarried, although I am absolutely over the hill.
I have had to speak out quite loudly and honestly against a particular issue I have faced for a considerable period of time – gender-based harassment. Just because I am a woman really does not mean that you have the right to belittle me, or call me “the little lady”, or mock me, making me feel like I have achieved something by learning about a sector which is essentially a “man’s world”. This happens often in my job, and I have had to be strictly vocal about it. People will mistreat you if you take injustice lying down. But my raised voice has helped. It has made it possible for me to reach new heights, and has helped others too, who wanted entry to this field, and who are already there.
When you raise your voice, you make yourself known, and people know that there is someone who will not back down, who will not be silent. That is why I believe that raising your voice is a good thing. It helps people see others’ point of view, and make sure that they know why there is a need to speak up, especially against injustice.
Strepsils India has come up with a unique campaign which shows the power of speaking up and stating your opinion. Check out www.abmontubolega.com where you can see the story of Montu, who speaks out against injustice happening around him. It took him some time to speak up, but he did in the end, and helped out his female colleague by speaking up to his boss. That is true courage, and the ability to state one’s opinion is extremely important, especially when you want to make sure the injustice happening around you does not happen at all.
The campaign is presently on Facebook and Twitter, and Strepsils India is looking for your response. Use the hashtag #AbMontuBolega and talk about the injustice that is happening around you, and how you have fought back against it.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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  1. reena 2016-07-11 at 12:12 pm Reply

    hi….its not easy for a woman to muster courage to raise her voice for inequality in gender because it happens that since childhood you are looking the same thing and your mind accept it that yes it is right that woman are lesser than man….she has to listen her husband than only she is a good wife or aurat but i think that heart never accept it. coming out from this mindset is itself a big fight because the frame of being a good lady, wife, sister etc. etc scrolls throgh ur mind not allowed you to come out of it. in marriage same thing happens ……if both are working than girl have to do all the chores and 99% of husband give orders…….and see wife are doing it without any voice because they have to make their marriage successful.

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