Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve has been hailed as one of the most likely favorites of the new generation of Indian whiskey drinkers. The best thing is – it goes really well with a very wide range of food, and that gives it an edge over most other drinks. Indian people have always loved drinking whiskey with their food, and the new generation of whiskey drinkers prefers drinking something smooth and potent, while savoring their meals.
That is perhaps the reason why Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is the perfect accompaniment with dinner – whether it’s a meal for one, or a feast. Drink it with a seven-course meal, or a bowl of Maggi, the subtle yet potent flavors will enhance your dining experience all the time.
One of the things I have noticed while trying to pair Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve with my meals is that the drink is perfect when it is enjoyed slowly, so a meal which extends for long hours is actually pretty perfect for it. Typically, I would love serving a number of appetizers to start off. Some of them can be prepared in a flash – like roasted papad, a quick and simply done chaat with sprouts and sev, crackers topped with a bit of cheese and a slice of olive, chicken liver pâté served with thin pieces of melba toast, ready to be spread, tiny pieces of steak fried in butter, very spicy chunks of pork cooked and rested, and fried again, chunks of grilled fish, or deviled eggs.
These are so easy to cook, or assemble, yet they add a new dimension to your dinner table as time goes by. When a good brand of Scotch enters the game, the flavors can only enhance. That is why we consider Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve to be the perfect accompaniment with your dinner. 
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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