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The Bridge at The Park Hotels has a few new items added to their menu starting this month! The menu additions were carefully curated from the response received at different food festivals, and then, the bests were added after a considerable amount of consideration. Small portions of food, salads and soup have been added to the menu now, and some of them are quite nice.

Broccoli Soup

There are a considerable number of soups added. Vegetarians would find the vegan Broccoli Soup with sunflower toasties quite intriguing, while I preferred the subtle comfort of the Clear Chicken broth, served simply with stuffed Cappelleiti, little pasta packets filled with nubbins of chicken.

Chicken broth 

I was quite happy to see the Chicken Shahtoosh, green chili, coriander and red onion puff pinwheel, spicy, crisp, with a spicy kick from the green chillies in it, and longed for a drink to go with it. Thankfully, a good cup of coffee was placed in front of me just in time.

Chicken Pinwheels

I  enjoyed the Calabrian Seafood soup at the South Italian food festival last year, and the Chicken Calabrian Spaghetti with emulsion of stock & extra virgin olive oil was a light affair, with the spaghetti generously drenched in broth and olive oil, making them moist yet not soggy.

Calabrian Spaghetti with Chicken

The non vegetarian food lovers can rejoice in the glory of lamb shanks, cooked to perfection and studded with rosemary, or can move on to the more traditional Indian dishes, or find something lavish straight out of the tandoor. I was especially looking forward to some of the new pizzas, some with parma ham and rucola, or the marinara pizza with squid, prawn and bhetki fish.

But then the chef brought out a plate of Bikrampuri chicken kawsha with paratha, and I was distracted. A spicy hot affair, a bowl of plain yellow dal was served along with the dish to balance out the heat, and the meat was quite tender, and the paratha was flaky and light – which was great because I found a piece of soft potato which had to be mashed and wrapped with a piece of paratha before consumption.

Bikrampuri Chicken

For dessert, there was a simple Madagascar Molten Chocolate Cake which was quite nice, if a bit too sweet for my taste buds. The fact that there is oozing chocolate is always a good sign though.

Molten Chocolate Cake

The platters are available round the clock at the 24/7 hour coffee shop, and you can order the dishes a-la-carte. The Bridge also has good breakfast and lunch buffets, and you can check them out too.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at The Bridge at the kind invitation of the management.  

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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