Souk, The Taj Bengal celebrates the Summer Solstice Month with METAXA’s refreshing Suntonic cocktail and the illuminating Sunball, to make the most out of each sun-drenched occasion. Let METAXA ignite your summer afternoons and brighten the moments you share with dear friends. Souk offers exotic buffet complimented with METAXA chocolates and METAXA Suntonic every Sunday priced at INR 1750 plus taxes.

METAXA imbues the glimmering rays and spell-binding scent of summer into your life. More than 2000 hours of sunshine burst from every bottle, calling you to bask beneath its lustrous rays and give in to its tempting touch. Allow every METAXA-inspired cocktail to breathe a caressing breeze upon you, and to bring alive vibrant summer moments. Bring your friends together and share good times over METAXA’s radiant smoothness
On 21st June  the Sun reaches its zenith with the Summer Solstice and we would celebrate the Solistice Month here at The Souk! (We will continue this ritual post june also)
The METAXA Sunball is the 21st century ritual to celebrate the Sun – it lights up summer cocktails all around the world. Original and vibrant, the METAXA Sunball releases a touch of sun with every sip of METAXA. We will provide these sun balls to serve Metaxa.
Today and throughout the Season, dive into the Mediterranean Sun at the only Mediterranean Restaurant, Soul at The Taj with a mouth-watering METAXA Suntonic cocktail.
To enjoy your own glass of METAXA 5 Stars Suntonic, pour chilled tonic water over two or three ice cubes into a long drink glass, then garnish with a slice of fresh orange. Now, “here comes the Sun” – pour 4cl (1.5 oz) of METAXA 5 Stars into a Sunball and watch as it lights up – the gleaming orb of sunshine adorns your glass celestially all evening long.
About METAXA 5 Stars:
Smoothness revealed
A beautifully balanced marriage of fine wine distillates matured up to five years in oak casks and of Muscat wines from the Aegean islands. A treat, dark honey in colour, floral, fruity, intensely aromatic with soft oak flavours and a rewarding personality.
About the METAXA Sunball:
Considered as one of the most innovative service items for contemporary drinks, the clear METAXA Sunball holds 4cl (1.5 oz) of METAXA and lights up upon contact with the noble liquid. A proprietary innovation of the House of METAXA, this service item is available in selective bars around the world. This year marks the first Summer Solstice celebration with the METAXA Sunball.
About the House of METAXA:
Founded in 1888 by Spyros Metaxa, a man of taste and natural risk taker. Since 1888, METAXA starts where other spirits stop. In a league of its own, METAXA is the smoothest spirit under the Sun thanks to its Muscat wines from the Aegean islands. METAXA is the only international spirit to bring together fine aged wine distillates and these intensely aromatic Muscat wines. Smooth, aromatic and endlessly versatile, METAXA brings a touch of Sun at the heart of your long drinks and cocktails alike.
Disclaimer: The promotional content shared here is suitable for people over the legal drinking age. Please drink responsibly. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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