There are times, when I feel proud to know certain people. Perhaps because, I have seen them grow, battle through hardship, and move on with their lives in a manner which is admirable. So, when I was thinking of an individual who would be #madeforgreat then only one name came to my mind.


The first time I met R, it was when he was sitting in a small garage turned into cafe , selling tea, coffee, and a small, but comprehensive menu, at prices which were dirt cheap. I had entered the neat little place, promptly fallen in love with the row of black onyx lacing his left ear, and then, sat down for a cup of rather excellent hot chocolate on a cold, winter’s night.

That was the start.

In the next few years, I saw him grow his cafe from a tiny little place to a rather large, expanded space. He added bookshelves and quoted Shakespeare’s Sonnet 24 at me, and of course, I was rather charmed. That cafe soon added another outlet, and another, and its name became quite popular.

But, at the same time, he went through a considerable number of personal issues – starting with his weight. Over time, his health became a problem, and it was aggravated by stress and a severe lack of sleep. A workaholic, he would not sleep, but rather stay awake, and pursue something or the other.

We often met up, sang together, went for foodwalks, and he developed a passion for photography. However, health continued to be an issue, and his doctor told him that he would never lose weight if he did not get a surgery.

I was horrified. So was he.

But then, this man did not give up. He researched and initiated a cafe which was all about healthy food. He consulted a dietician, and followed a strict diet which made him give up most of his favourite things, but he did not give up. We would eat food he had made, and he would smile, look at us, and munch on something healthy, but most of the time, what would make me feel amazed would be his ability to cook for others, sit with food all day, and not eat them.

I know, maybe for some, this is not much. But, as I speak, he has lost a huge amount of weight, is better in shape physically and mentally, and is one of the most resourceful and creative people I know. He did not give up, he did not give in. He stuck to his guns, and he did what he wanted to do.

And every time I look at him, I feel inspired by his will. For, as a food lover, I know how hard it is to resist good food, how difficult it is to say no to that ‘little sweet’ after your meal, how you feel empty inside when you do not eat a portion of rice.

If you know someone who is #madeofgreat then you should celebrate them. For they deserve it, and more. If you want to know more about this subject, check out this link here.


Written by Poorna Banerjee

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