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For personal reason, I am not mentioning the names of the happy customer who were REALLY happy about the food I presented on 21st June, 2009. They were the first OUTSIDE customers I had, who wanted a simple, yet elegant dinner for 8 people which should have distinct Parsi flavors and I decided to keep the menu simple:

The menu was as follows:

Jeera Rice (Plain Basmati Rice tempered with Cumin Seeds)

Khara Papeta (potatoes served with a sauce of coriander and tomatoes)

Patra Ni Machhi (traditional Parsi Pomphret fish dish)

Salli Boti (Braised Mutton served with Fried Potatoes)

Ambakalya (A chutney of mangoes with jaggery and cinnamon)

(the traditional kulfi, served with falooda and syrup)

Green salad was chopped up freshly and served alongside.

The diners commented on the authentic nature of the recipe and also the quality of the food. The comments were, (and I shall preen here) all positive.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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    Arre! Congratulations 🙂

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