What was the point of returning to a place you thought you had left behind? Catharsis, possibly. But then, its really easy on the eye, and one trip wasn’t enough. 

I justify it all as I walk inside The Beach Bar at Krabi, and C is instantly mesmerized by the view. However, I timed it right – the late afternoon is balmy and mildly windy, and the breeze is rather soothing – and the bar offers a great deal on Tropical Sangria. I steer clear of those, though – the wine they use is, for the lack of a better word, brackish, and I inch towards the Strawberry Cider instead – its pink, for one, and a tall glass is about 180 Baht. and after her first sip, C’s a convert and insists on sipping them. A plate of fish cakes appear, and C devours them while I stare into the setting sun, absorbing the view and memorizing every single moment I can, while a few musicians tune up their guitars in the background.

the beach bar krabi

Evening comes lethargically, almost too shy to step in, but it does. The bar, when we had entered, was empty, but now its filled almost to the brim. Soon, a beautiful woman starts singing – she declares her USA heritage proudly. A pair of Dutch boys cheer her enthusiastically while she belts out a few popular numbers – her voice is nice, if slightly tired, but she claims to be here for a while, so I understand her condition.

Buffalo chicken wings

We order a plate of Buffalo Wings – it comes drenched in a red sauce and despite the overwhelming amount of liquid around these wings, they are quite crisp and nice to munch on while sipping on the Cider. C is staring, from time to time, at the small boats at the pier, and at the setting sun.

the beach bar krabi nightlife

Krabi really does not have much of a nightlife – a few places here and there which are considered to be hipster enough to stay open till eleven, otherwise, everything else shuts around 9. Pookie’s Place is one of the few places which stay open till ten, but its too crowded and smoke-filled for my fidgety self, so I give that place a miss, and decide to take a walk down the beach. Nopparattara beach is secluded and romantic, and as night falls, also quite private, so we walk back to Ao Nang Beach, moving slowly because C’s feet hurt, and she isn’t interested in getting a massage (the first time we got one together, I could actually hear her tell the masseuse all the places she would NOT prefer being touched – and the constantly increasing confusion of the poor masseuse). We contemplate getting tattoos for a few minutes – but then C reminds me that A would kill her if she gets the first one without her, and I give in.

Thai fish cakes

Thai fish cakes

The Beach Bar, Krabi remains one of my favourite haunts – its not expensive, has a great view, reasonably priced food and drinks, plus music, and a good idea is to go there just before sunset, and stay till nightfall.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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