Perfection doesn’t happen over a day. It comes in time, after plenty of hard work, enormous numbers of trials, and a huge number of mistakes. The Scotch people who made whiskey, or uisge beatha, as they called it in Gaelic, meaning “the water of life” or “life water”, were extremely aware of the work that involved making good whiskey and how important it is to maintain certain details while making it. 
These qualities are as follows –
1.      Color.
2.      Age.
3.      Smell.
4.      Taste.
5.      Aftermath.
Whiskey making is quite an old practice – the first people who made whiskey probably did so more than 600 years ago. The first instance of recorded whiskey making was done in 1405, and from then, the Scottish and the Irish were known to make excellent whiskey. In time, Scotland became famous for its Scotch whiskey – and different parts of it were known for their difference in taste, flavor, and maturing process. Master blenders are, till date, almost always from Scotland – they have it ingrained in their souls – the art of it, and they are incredibly passionate about it.
Making a luxury whiskey is not a day’s work – it takes time, a lot of energy, and plenty of innovation to prepare the right blend, and age it to a correct period of time, to reap the benefits – the fine taste of an aged Scotch which is clear and delicious, and provides a wonderful aftertaste.
This is what you would find in a fine blend like Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. A fine blend of grain and malt whiskey, the blend is individually matured under the close supervision of a master blender in Bourbon casks, and then, after they are blended together, the whiskey go for a second round of maturing in sherry casks. The result is truly gorgeous and a feast on our palate.  

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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