Okay, if you are new to this blog, and don’t know that I travel a lot, then here’s a news flash – I TRAVEL. A LOT.

Anyway, now that we are over that part, let us talk about why and how I travel. See, I have itchy feet – my mother tells me that as a child I was an extremely restless one, and I am one today as well. However, this fared well for me later, because I decided to travel to make myself happy and also because I love experiencing new things. Many times, I come back from a trip only to take one right after that, and I tend to prepare myself for trips, both within the country and abroad.



Here’s a simple list of the things I carry in my backpack when I am traveling –

1. A hygiene kit. Okay, so this might sound trite, but I don’t like depending on whatever hotel I am staying and their toiletries, because I’m picky. So, I tend to carry a small bag filled with things I need. In it, I tend to carry the following, preferably in travel-size packs, in no particular order:

  1. Toothbrush
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Comb
  4. Moisturizer
  5. Q-tips (These are VERY handy and are total multi-taskers)
  6. Soap
  7. Sunscreen lotion
  8. Shampoo (and conditioner if I have a travel-size container)
  9. Some basic makeup (kohl, lipstick, powder are super-duper handy here)
  10. Safety pin
  11. Hair clips
  12. Rubber bands

2. Something to read. I love books, and sometimes, I tend to pile on the books on a trip rather than other things like clothes, etc.

3. A towel. Call me finicky, but I don’t really like using towels in a hotel, and its much more convenient when I’m roughing it.

sunglasses are essential for travel

4. My Sunglasses. My eyes are sensitive, and I tend to carry a pair of sunglasses everywhere. They have saved my eyes countless times.

5. My Diary. I tend to write things down from time to time, and a diary comes in handy especially when I am trying to keep tabs.

6. A few sets of underwear. Clean undies are a must, and I always carry a couple of extra sets over what’s required, because you never know.

7. A bottle of alcohol. Okay, let me be honest. I have been judged when I have tried to buy alcohol from a liquor shop, especially when I am travelling within India. Also, in many places, like the mountains, it gets really cold and really dark quite quickly, and its not a good idea for a woman to go and buy alcohol from a strange shop, and especially at a strange place. I recently discovered Golfer’s Shot, a #SimplyWellMade blended whiskey which I find to be pretty good taste wise and it keeps me warm. The pure nature of the blend can be clearly seen in the warm golden colour of the drink, with a glint of amber which makes Golfer’s Shot definitely #WorthAShot.

8. A Warm Scarf or Stole. This has saved my life numerous times, especially in Bangkok airport where the temperature turns super chilly from time to time. I absolutely love a black one which was gifted to me by a friend, and its neutral and simple, and keeps me warm when my hands and shoulders feel cold.

paper boat peanut brittle

9. Something to Munch on. I tend to get hungry from time to time, and a small snack can be a lifesaver then. I tend to carry a small pack of biscuits, peanut brittle, or some nuts, because I’m not a huge fan of chips. I also have carried ramen, especially things like cup noodles, especially when I’m travelling to places where I’m not sure what kind of food I’d be getting.

beach holiday

10. An Extra Pair of Shoes. This is one of the tricks I learned from a seasoned traveler, who said that it was a great idea to carry an extra pair, just in case something happens to the pair you always wear. In the years, I have realized that this advice is excellent and I tend to carry an extra pair of shoes everywhere.

So readers, tell me about the things you absolutely MUST carry in your backpack. Anything strange?

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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