I walked down to Arafat the other day… around 6.30 in the evening. I wasn’t alone… in fact, you shouldn’t be alone when you are walking to Arafat… because its a place where you will have to sit down and eat a lot. S was hungry though, but she did not want the kabab. We entered, sat down, and quickly rattled off the food we wanted – Beef. In all forms. Seekh Kabab, Boti Kabab, Hariyali kabab, and a Roll.
Gut Shot of Beef Roll. 
Of course, by the time I had taken a bite out of my succulent roll, the plates of Kabab started to roll in. First came the Seekh, which was nicely charred and soft. A squeeze of lime and the world was a happy place for me. The Boti Kabab had a bit more chew to it, but it was soft all the same. The plates came with a huge pileup of chopped cucumber, carrots, onions, and was served with a green chutney. Our grand total came to INR 248/- for all that food, which we finished in 10 minutes. 
Yes, well, I have to hang my head in shame here. I forgot to take photos of the kabab. But I must say, it was fabulous. I need to go back here and eat more through the winter.
We walked down Free School Street to Sudder Street, our first option Fairlawn Restaurant, for a beer and some food for S. However, after reaching the venue, sitting down, S decides to not eat anything from there, declaring anything unfit for her fair self’s consumption, and throws a hissy fit. We quickly change venue and decide on going to Spanish Cafe for some more food. S orders her usual… the Pasta Pomodore, although all of us are tempted by the new brick oven they have installed and the aroma of freshly baked thin crust pizzas, churned out by a man who looks decidedly Italian… I do want to go back here in the near future for that. I go for my usual after the monster meat marathon – diet coke and cappuccino – twin dose of caffeine to keep me going through the rest of the night. T decides on the Gambas Al Ajillo… prawns cooked in a garlicky oil.
Gambas Al Ajillo 150/-

The prawns appear after we are seated outside – plump portions of tempting crustacean swimming in a sizzling bed of garlic-infused hot oil. There is a plate of fresh garden salad – slices of cucumber, onions, tomatoes, lettuce and slices of lime, together with two slices of white bread to complete the beauty of it all. T stares at the glory for a second before tearing into her first prawn.

S looks at them with trepidation. “These have eyes,” she declares. IDG pops the said eye, well, actually, the entire head, into his mouth and chews appreciatively. “Yes dear, they do, and it tastes so good!” He resonates happily while munching on the crispy head. He dips the bread into the oil and closes his eyes as he chews. I watch, mesmerized, and then accept the offer to dip the bread in oil. Its flavored with shrimps, garlic, and has an aroma which would be unforgettable to any seafood lover. 
Morosely, I add some brown sugar to my cappuccino, fortifying myself with a dose of caffeine to keep me going through the night. T follows through with fried ice cream, and it is delicious (and I forgot to take pictures again), and we take small bites from the sweet, creamy ice cream and the crunchy outer shell which has been doused with chocolate syrup. Afterwards, I am replete, so we decide on walking to Park Street, where I bid the gang adieu and walk off. 
75B Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road
Kolkata – 700016
Raj’s Spanish Cafe
7 Sudder Street,
New Market
Kolkata – 700016
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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