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In this summer, my skin gets super tanned and dark, so the summer glow facial range from Green Trends Hair & Style Salon sounded really great, and I ended up going there for a session. After the initial pleasantries, I met with Madhabi, who told me about the different facials and packs available, and their benefits. We walked over to one of the clean, small, private rooms, where the process begun.

Green Trends Salt Lake Kolkata

The summer glow facials come with unique packs to lighten skin, make it look younger, add glow, de-tan and de-toxify it, and after an initial look at my face, Madhabi suggested the gold pack, which contained gold particles which would make my skin look glowing and feel moisturised. She also gave me suggestions about how to take care of my skin while she was working with me.

Green Trends Summer Glow Facial 

At first, a cleansing mousse was used on my face to clean my skin. Then, a de-tanning pack, containing mint, was applied on me. ‘It will burn’, Madhabi warned, and it did, but not too badly. Then, she removed the pack after 15-20 minutes, and added a gold mask, which was like a liquid rubber mask. After applying this, I was again asked to relax for some time, after which, she took off the mask. There are different masks to choose from, and Madhabi said that due to the heat my skin was oily, but it needed serious moisturising, so she was going to go ahead with the gold mask which moisturises the skin intensely. After a few days, I understood what she meant. My skin does feel very nice, and moisturized, and no break outs at all!

‘We avoid the eyes and the lips while applying the rubber mask, since it tends to be slightly drying to those delicate areas. Also, the gold pack might go inside the eye and harm, so we prefer using this over the face, avoiding the eye and lip region.’

Once done, she added a soothing sun protection cream and massaged it all over my face. The entire process took roughly an hour, and you can see the results quite clearly.

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She advised me to not apply any soap for a day on my skin, and no scrubbing for a week, but I do see that my tanning was reduced a considerable amount, and my skin looks fresh and clean. The facials at Green Trends are roughly 1000-1300 INR, depending on which one you choose, and are available all through summer. They also have other good services, like hair colour, hair spa, and relaxing pedicures.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to try out the facial by the brand. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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