I never liked working with someone telling me what to do. You might call me a bit of a Maria in The Sound of Music, but I really hated rules. So, although I worked with a prestigious company, and held a position which many would envy, it was never something I would actively look forward to. My eyes constantly roved around, looking for a new opportunity, thinking about what I could possibly do.
There are times like this when you really need to be confident about yourself, and start something of your own. I had blogged for ages, literally, and words had always been my best friend. So, when I started writing, no one was really surprised. Instead, people actually encouraged me to pen down my words as a hobby. Most of the times, it would be my experience in the culinary field, but sometimes, it would be something else too, and I realized soon enough that I was good in expressing myself.
But when I started to look at my blog as a place from where I would create my own identity, redefine my career and unify it with my passion, people started to talk about the risks I would be taking. Of course, I did heed their words, but somehow, the job, day by day, was becoming more of a hindrance, and just another way to make money, and moving from one place to another, and I was tired of it. As I started learning more about the ways I could make money through my blog, feeding my passion and evolving my work, my work started to look more like a burden. So, one fine day, I decided to take the step of changing my life, and putting down my papers.
My boss looked at me. He wasn’t really surprised – he was a self-made man himself, and he knew about my ambitions. He encouraged me to go ahead and do what I always wanted to do, and told me to never back down.
I had to answer to a lot of people. Who was I? Where did I come from? What did I do? What was a blog? How did it work? What were its advantages? Why was I wasting my energy doing something like this? How much does it pay? Why was I wasting my education on doing something no one knew about?
Well, at that time, I would not have too many answers. Rather, I would work endlessly, and think of the day when recognition would come my way. And then, one day, it did happen. My blog became not just my world, but also my passion and my source of income.
I still think what would happen if I did not take that step on that fateful day. But I had to start a new life, leaving the past behind, and I did. And it is wonderful.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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