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 A well-fitted suit will make virtually any individual look better, and to me, it adds a certain aura which is quite hard to achieve otherwise. Since 2013, Tailorman provides a service where you can get the perfect fit and wear your suit in style. When I went over to their flagship Rawdon Street Store, they provided me with a glimpse of their collection, and showed me some of the trendiest designs and styles this season.

The Festival and Ceremonial Collection 2015 is all about smart cuts, great fits, and fine materials. From Silks to Merino Wool to Irish Linen, the materials are elegant, the designs are sleek and kept simple, and so, the finish is definitely worth a closer look. Tailorman is all about details, and the brand prides itself in ensuring that the customer’s choices come first.

Tailorman Rawdon Street

 As we spoke to the team who man the store in Kolkata, I was drawn to the designs of different kinds of jackets and blazers. Keeping in mind the unbearable summer heat, the jackets are provided with the choice of half or full lining, which is great for summer parties. As winter approaches, full silk linings are added, and there are multiple choices to pick from when it comes to the lining material. From Polka dots to paisley, there is a bewildering number of options for the individual to select, and the members of the team put emphasis on the fact that every customer is different, and have their own peculiarities.

Full Silk Lining of Suit

 When it comes to suits, there are, again, a huge range of patterns and materials to choose from, more than 500 for suits, and 200 plus lining materials. And once you choose, the next step is to make the suit. Your measurements are taken, then a design according to your tastes and body type is provided, and then, the stitching begins. The entire process is done by experts, considering your shape, and body type, and then providing suggestions about the style which would suit you best. For example, the collar of a suit is important, and should ideally be chosen according to one’s body type, structure, and size, and an expert cut can give your figure the definition and shape that enhances your form and makes you look like a million bucks.

Swatches of Tailorman Suit Materials

 The pricing of the suits at Tailorman have been made keeping in mind the different demands of the people. While the range for shirts begin at around 1600/- plus and can go up to 25000/- depending on the design and customization, suits are priced upwards of 10,000/-, which is the beginning range. However, the range which Mr. Chetan Anand Manikonda felt was in demand the most was the range which was around 20,000/- to 30,000/- , the mid-range which provided some smart patterns. This year, small checks and brown and olives are ‘in’, but you cannot go wrong with a classic like black or grey.

Buttons of Tailorman Suits

Apart from formal suits, there are smartly designed Waistcoats and Bundys, where striking shades are in vogue, put starkly in contrast with shirts and pants in shades of monochrome.

Fall 2015 Festive Design India 

For the festive season, silk jackets are a popular pick, and they can be worn quite easily for both traditional occasions as well as informal parties. Once you choose your design and material, Tailorman takes about 15 days to finish cutting and stitching, and are quite prompt. They also are coming up with a Ladies’ segment pretty soon, so I am looking forward to it! You can check out Tailorman’s store at Rawdon Street beside Cookie Jar Cafe, or check out their online store.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to Tailorman by the brand.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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