Spain! The place I would love to go to! My dream destination.

But well, the first time I told my family that I was interested in going there, they told me the harsh truth.

“Darling, its going to be horrible. Do you remember what happened to your uncle?”

I did remember.

I shuddered thinking. The poor guy had been robbed blind when he went for his Eurotrip. He came back without his money or dignity, and it was shameful to see him look sick every time someone would casually mention Europe.

And I looked at my bank balance – Apart from other expenses, about one lakh rupees was in my account, which would pay for hotel and airplane fare. And that was, my relatives told me smugly, a laughable amount of cash for a trip to Spain.

Saddened, I was browsing through the net when I came across You know what they do? They compare and check different travel websites and offer you the sweetest deals, ever. But still, I wasn’t convinced. I just randomly entered two dates in September, about five-six days apart, and hit enter.

I was shocked to see the prices! At just over 61,000 for return airfare per person, this was a steal for me! And as I was going through the details, I realized, they weren’t just offering random flights. No! They found Jet Airways flights for me, and you know how comfortable Jet Airways can get!

While browsing, I saw that they had a tab for hotels. Now, hotels in Spain are supposed to be costly, so I was resigned to spend a lot of Euros there, but still, the low price of the flight had given me hope. I clicked on “Search Hotels”.

Another Price Shocker. A four-star hotel in Madrid was offering a double room for six nights for just around 35000/- . Was this a sweet deal or what! I quickly checked the booking details, and wow! The website took me to, and from there, booking was a breeze, with the aid of a credit card. I also checked other deals, and realized, to my delight, that I could book into a double room for as cheap as 13,000/- for SIX nights if I booked ahead, and stay near the central part of the city. That meant, I would save a huge amount of money, which I can use in sightseeing, eating out, and well, my favorite thing – SHOPPING.

Spain, you are no longer a dream. Now you are my destiny, and wait for me, I am coming to you as soon as I get my VISA approved!

Disclaimer: This post was written in response to the “Skyscanner and I on a trip around the world” competition in association with Blogadda .

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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