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The day dawned dark, and by the time I had reached ITC Sonar, I was already an hour late, and mostly drenched. Hurrying over to Eden Pavilion, the 24-hour coffee shop, I could hear the squelch of water inside my shoes. The buffet breakfast was laid out, and filled with people who were helping themselves to the rather large breakfast spread.

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So, a few minutes later, and a hasty “yes” to a cup of cappuccino, I walked over to the bread counter, picked myself a chocolate croissant, bit into it, and contemplated my next move while warm chocolate and flaky pastry soothed my soul. ITC now has a new addition to their breakfast, the “Signature Mornings”, which is served across all the ITC chain of hotels. The menu changes quarterly, and has a few interesting dishes. The key idea behind having “Signature Mornings” is to source and add local ingredients, free-range items, Indian super foods, forgotten ancient grains, and items which are gluten free and lactose free to the breakfast, intended for those who prefer eating light and sensibly.

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 In the menu were the Pavilion Bircher Muesli, Buckwheat and Amaranth Pancakes, Eggs Benedict Classique and a Salmon and Milk Clafoutis, and after a brief tussle between the Pancakes and the Benedict, the Benedict won, simply because its got three of my favorite things on English Muffins.

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 But well, who can stop looking at other things on offer? From the fresh muffins, to the assortment of breads on offer, to the eggs which can be made to order, Eden Pavilion has something for everyone,  and while I picked up a helping of a rather excellent Mushroom Stroganoff, my eyes went to the considerable number of Indian dishes on offer.

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 The buffet is a good mix between the healthy and indulgent, and while they have plain rice idlis, there is also an option to get a healthier version of it. There is a huge board on offer, where some of the specialities of the day was written down. I spied the “Luchi – Aloor Chocchori”, and before I knew it, a plate of it was placed before me.

Luchi Aloor Chocchori

 I am a sucker for Luchi, and the potatoes were cooked to perfection, just how Ma makes them. I forced myself to stop after a few, and decided to try some healthy juices from the Pavilion Pure cold pressed juice bar. They use cold pressed juices, which are churned at a slower rate, preventing oxidation, and preserving nutrition. They have different kinds of vegetables and fruits on offer. The adventurous people can try a glass of fresh wheatgrass juice, which is kept in a glass pot, and snipped off as required.

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 I asked for a glass of carrot, ginger and amla and it was simple, refreshing, and quite tangy. I could feel the pulp from the carrot in the juice, and I gulped it down, because its good for me. I added a shot of pure ginger and amla for an extra dose of Vitamin C.

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 And of course, who would not want to eat the bacon? I was quite insistent on getting some slices of soft bacon, and they have the option to crisp up your bacon or fry the sausages on offer, if it is requested. I declined eating the eggs, but rather decided on another chocolate croissant, and waited patiently for my Eggs Benedict. These dishes are to be ordered, and they would be served to the table.

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 And yes, they make a beautiful Benedict, which is healthier, because the hollandaise is lightened up considerably, but you can barely tell from the taste. The slices of lean ham was covered with a pair of poached eggs, which were a bit too overdone for my liking, and did not ooze out the golden yolk when cut into. However, there was a considerable bit of ham, so I was not going to complain.
The breakfast buffet at the Eden Pavilion is available till 10.30 am and it is INR 850/- plus tax per person.

Eggs Benedict ITC Sonar

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at Eden Pavilion at the kind invitation of the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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