I have this thing for liking men who are clean shaven. Sure, you can have well-maintained goatee, or maybe a nice French cut, but, I would prefer it if you didn’t have facial hair sprouting up randomly. Not unless you are Bradley Cooper or Gerard Butler.

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So this is what happened with me once. I was fresh out of college and about to enter the wide world which is known as “REALITY”, a.k.a. JOB. I applied to a number of places, got through, and I was about to audition for my last round. So here I am, sitting in a corporate office chair which feels horribly uncomfortable to my nervous self, and in comes this thin man with a face full of sharp, pointy hair, which just looks like a porcupine’s backside. Although he was adequately dressed in a pair of pants and shirt, he just did not have the confidence or the command required for the position. 
As it turned out, he was my interviewer. The nervousness inside me just dissolved, and I literally took command of the interview right from the start. He did not stand a chance against a phenomenal me, and I negotiated my salary to my satisfaction rather than his. I walked out of the interview with a perfect offer letter and a slightly cowering man behind me.
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I will nominate a few people here –

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To participate, just follow the link here. The contest is open till 31st December, 2014.

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Written by Poorna Banerjee

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