Or, this story is all about how to be super good one day and then fall off the pedestal on the very next day.

When I had decided on the plan, I knew that I would have a major day all around Sunday, so Saturday I was a very nice girl. I made egg tadka (though the original plan was egg curry) for dinner.

Here is a breakdown of what I ate through the day.

I woke up around 11.30 am after a slightly restless night. I go to sleep around 5 in the morning, so waking up around 11.30 is all right with me.

Breakfast/Lunch (around 1.30 pm):  I had to be out all that day, and my sister was looking forward to spending Woman’s Day with me. Both of them had a severe McDonald’s Craving, and I decided to indulge them. While they gorged on the Exotica burger and fries, followed by the McFlurry, I opted for the Big Spicy Chicken Wrap (sans Mayo). The key was to eat as much meat and vegetables without touching sugar much, and I succeeded. I gave away most of my share of fries, and then, when we could not finish them, brought them back home for my dad. I also drank one bottle of water, and took a couple of sips of diet coke from my friend’s can.

After this, there was a lot of shopping and moving around, so the next I thought about food was when I got back home, which was around 6 pm. My mother said that there was not much to eat in the house, apart from some soaked whole moong dal, which she intended to sprout.

I entered the kitchen with all the intentions of making an egg curry. Then I thought the following: If I make an egg curry, I will be essentially making a meal which I will have to eat with either rice or rotis. I did not want to eat any more carb for the day, so I decided on making myself some egg tadka, dhaba style. The recipe of it is here.

Day Three also saw me posting the status on a favorite group of mine on Facebook, Chef at Large, and I got a lot of comments and encouragement. In fact, several CaL lites actually decided to join me then or on a latter date. I was absolutely stunned and felt truly encouraged by some of the comments too. For example:

Pardon the “dew” puns. They started off after a conversation about soft-drink bingeing. Especially Mountain Dew.


Well, of course, on the third day I had to be present at a meet with fellow foodies at a lovely place called Edesia. They are known for their rather lavish breakfast spread and I was present there for some tasting as well. They had invited me for a dinner plan, and it was important for me to go there.

And thank you R for making me unintentionally cheat on my diet. Of course, he was giving me bites of what he was doing with the buffet menu (for example, making pancakes with bacon in it, or sunny side up eggs with waffles under it.

You see, I was busy talking to someone and he held up a bite for me. I bit without thinking. And under the chilli sauce and the bacon, I tasted something unmistakably sweet.

I stared at him accusingly. He was choking with laughter. “You just ate a bite from a donut. Mwahahahaa.”

Such is life.

However, soon after I started to feel a mild headache coming along, while I was still at the buffet. I panicked, and drank a cup of tea with a sachet of Sugar Free Natura in it.

Then I went to watch Queen. It was pretty hilarious and after a long time I danced in the movie hall. I love dancing in the movie hall

After the movie was over, the Queens in my life and I decided to go eat something at Caramelle.

And I discovered something.

Apart from a couple of selected things on the menu, most of the things on offer had some element of sweetness in it.

So I decided to choose something on the other end of the spectrum. Not sweet at all, but the calorie meter was off the charts.

I chose the Double Down.

Two pieces of chicken fillet sandwiching a lot of bacon and cheese, and covered with a creamy lemony aioli which was salty, sour, slightly spicy but not sweet at all! However, it was still not something I wanted to eat, so I scraped it off my bacon and chicken and gave most of my French fries (that came with it) to K. My friends ordered the chocolate eclair, the chocolate tart, and Burgundy burgers, but I decided on skipping tasting them while they fought over the sweet stuff. I did have a bite from the burger, but I tasted the chicken and not the bun.

Double Down.

Thankfully, after the first fillet, the second one proved to be way too heavy for me, so I scraped off the outer coating and most of the aioli from the top and ate the chicken straight off. And afterwards I felt so full that I came back home and slept off to work it out of my system.

So, there goes my second and third day. I have decided to extend the plan one more day in deference to the weekend. So, no more sugar till next weekend. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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