The Egg Files continue! And this time its a brand new idea.

I fixed this in under 10 minutes from start. Cut up about 75 gm. breakfast sausages (2-3 sausage links) into rounds, and fry them in a teaspoon of butter in a flat frying pan. When the sausages are cooked to your liking, add a tablespoon each of chopped onions and mushrooms. Give it a few stirs over medium heat to cook everything. Add a little bit of salt and red pepper flakes if you like it spicy.

At this point, add another half a teaspoon of butter, and as soon as that melts on the sausages, spread everything around, and pour a beaten egg (beaten with a tablespoon of milk and a pinch of salt). Shake the pan to let the egg spread all around, cook it to your desired level of doneness, remove from pan, and serve. I love mine with toasted white bread.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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