Satya Paul launched the fun Disney Monopop collection recently, and at their Kolkata store, to celebrate the event, there were a few fun activities which everyone participated in.

Our host, the stunning Bridgette Jones, was wearing a lovely Disney Monopop saree, which she artfully draped over a lacy blouse. She was happy to show off a few unique ways to wear the saree and how to give a normal saree a wonderful twist to make it look elegant.

Satya Paul is known for the cool, kitschy designs, and the disney collection has some really fun prints. Here, the model is wearing a simple saree with a twist in the shoulder, which totall changes its look.

Another way to wear a Satya Paul Disney Monopop Saree is to drape it more like a skirt, and a short top. If you dare, wear one which reveals your midriff just like this beautiful lady did!

Bridgette Jones talked about a few really cool ways of jazzing up your summer look – with bold lips, smart dresses, and extensions in your hair to instantly give your face a dramatic change. She also suggested getting a few cool, glittery gold or silver tattoos instead of jewelry. The model here is wearing one around your throat.

And if you are really not cool about wearing a saree yourself, why not drape yourself in a ready-made saree, which is more like a skirt- and can be worn in a jiffy! A lovely girl from the visitors’ segment volunteered to wear is red saree and looked wonderful!

Apart from displaying the sarees, Satya Paul had some fun activities for all, including a nice nail art station, with Disney themes and Minion prints. After a good bit of contemplation, I got one which was fun and summery, although, Flysongbird said it was too “Matchy Matchy” with a huge grin on her face!

Satya Paul’s Disney Monopop range is a limited edition collection and available at their stores. Apart from Sarees, they also have cool tops and tunics which are worth checking out.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the Satya Paul store for a preview of the collection. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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