Of course, this is sad tale of a person’s own inability to control urges.

This time it was my encounter with salted caramel.

It’s my cousin’s fault. He made me think of salted caramel months ago when he sent over a bottle of coarse sea salt all the way from France. Of course, it also came with a threat… “feed me!”

But its okay. I will. I did, rather.

But then I ran out of that salt.

And the world was a dark place for a while.

And then I realized… Its okay. You can use table salt.

And the world righted itself all over again.

You must see the sauce. Its like … well… its not exactly sauce-y. It is thicker, richer, and perfect as a filling. For a pie maybe. But well, more about that later.

Let me show you the sauce.

But before, let me tell you how I made it.

Put 200 gm. plain white sugar and 2 tablespoon dark brown sugar together with 1/4th cup water in a heavy-bottomed vessel. Add a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Keep 200 ml. cream ready to be poured.

Keep 50 gm. plain salted butter on one side, preferably at room temperature.

And then, take a small bowl, fill it up with water. That is your makeshift thermometer.

Put the sugar over simmering heat. Forget about it for 10 minutes.

After ten to fifteen minutes, return and watch the sugar dissolved completely and heating up nicely. Using a teaspoon, drop one drop of this concoction into the water. If it forms a ball which cracks softly when you bite it, your sugar is mostly done. It will no longer bubble or fizz, but rather sit there like a dark pool of brown flame.

Turn off the heat. Introduce the butter to this party. With a big pinch of salt. Everything will be volatile. Don’t mind that. Keep stirring with a whisk.

Once the butter is incorporated, and you have been driven mad by the insane smell, add the cream.

This time, everything will hiss and fizz.

Let it hiss and fizz.

Just don’t stop beating, okay?

After 3-4 minutes, there will be a dark caramel sauce formed.

Now, you can totally pour this over the next tub of vanilla ice cream, or swirl it in your brownies and happily die.

Caramel Sauce.

But, if you are slightly more daring, like me, you would again put this over heat, and whisk it for 3-4 more minutes over simmering heat.

Then pour it in a jar and let it cool down naturally. And then put it in the fridge and forget about it for a day.

Open the jar. Find… ecstasy in a spoon.

I am already down a third of the jar. Someone… stop me. Please.

Oh, and did I tell you to eat this within 5 days of making it? Because you don’t want to be my friend who almost died after drinking Frooti which was opened and kept in the fridge for 3 months?

I don’t think this will last that long. It was consumed four hours and fifteen minutes after I made it actually. By a couple of friends who kept calling it soul food.


Written by Poorna Banerjee

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