Malvani food in Mumbai

R had asked me to find the MIG Cricket Club, and when I found it, it was one of those moments in life when you feel like you have hit gold. In my myopic vision, it was nothing less than an achievement, and it was doubled when I found R, and entered Sadichha, home of authentic Konkani and Malwani food.

Bombil fry

Clean and well-aired, Sadichha is neat, with comfortable seats and the promise of good food. We enter and are given a pair of menu cards. The menu mostly contains seafood, but there are a few chicken and mutton dishes too, as well as a few vegetarian options. After a few moments, we decide to order a plate of Bombil fry, to munch on while we waited for S to appear. Within the next few minutes, we were served a plate with four pieces of fried Bombay Duck (Bengalis can identify it as Loitya or Lote fish) in it, and our plates appeared, with a bit of coconut chutney and chopped onions on it. The coconut chutney, with a generous bit of red chillies and coconut crushed together had a strong, fresh coconutty flavor which was perfect with the melt-in-your-mouth fish. The idea here is to bite into the crispness, and chew it all up. Within minutes, our plates were clean and we were both grinning from ear to ear.

Mutton Suke Thaali

Seeing that S was going to be late, R and I both ordered the Mutton Sukee Thali. Again, this came in within the next few minutes. A generous amout of rice in a bowl, a few soft rotis, a plate of mutton sukka, some chicken rassa (or that is what I assumed the bowl of soup was), and a bowl of rather wonderful solkadi was placed before us.

The Mutton Suke was, again, a treat for those who love soft meat, and a thick gravy with a strong flavor of grated coconut, ginger, coriander and cumin, which clung to the meat, and was quite perfect with the warm rotis. I finished my rotis in a trice, and drank down the spicy soupy rassa, and at this point S decided to show up. Chairs were pulled, more food was ordered, and R ended up ordering a side of Surmai Fry with her meal.

surmai fry

The Solkadi was cold, tangy, and a perfect respite from the heat from the mutton. We had also ordered a plate of mutton liver, and, to my sadness, it fell flat on its face in comparison to the sukka. I would have preferred it if the liver wasn’t that overcooked, or drowned in a coconut-laden gravy which lacked the depth of flavor of the mutton.

mutton liver fry

Sadichha serves fresh seafood by weight (and the price is determined by the catch of the day), and apparently they are known for their Bombil fry (by weight, generally each portion contains 4 pieces). I would return for that alone, and maybe, if I can, get some fresh clams in the process as well.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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