Peshawri, ITC Sonar, Kolkata

Peshawri at ITC Sonar is one of those places which I have not frequented much in the recent years, thanks to a busy schedule and a constant urge to find new places to eat. But, whenever I am there, I love the laid back ambiance and the cheerful, smart service, which never fail to make me happy. So, when I was asked about the places I would like to go to, during the Restaurant Week, 2015, which started on the 11th of September, 2015, and will continue till the 20th of this month, I chose this one after a brief tussle.

Restaurant Week, Kolkata, 2015, is a part of the Restaurant Week India, which is simultaneously happening in a number of cities around India. If you live in Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, or Mumbai, then head over to their web page, check out the participating restaurants, and book your table today! You would get a preview of some of the best dishes in the restaurant for an unbeatable price.

Peshawri ITC Sonar

 The interiors of Peshawri is done keeping in mind the rich heritage of the North Western Indian cuisine it represents – as a result, rich tapestry are hung on the walls, and the use of copper plates and glasses add a little touch of the exotic. The food is to be shared and enjoyed, and, as a policy, they do not serve knives and forks. Guests are encouraged to eat with their own hands, to fully appreciate the food, and involving the five senses fully into what they consume, in accordance with the manner in which our ancestors would eat. As we are seated, a smiling server greets us, and hands over the menu specially curated for Restaurant Week Kolkata, 2015.

appetizers at ITC sonar

A small plate filled with roasted papad, a bowl of rather addictive coriander chutney, and a plate of onion rings are placed in front of us as we peruse through the menu, to munch on before our food hits the table. A few minutes later, we are talking to the Chef about the menu selection here. Chef Navneet Singh has curated a menu, which comprises of a number of the signature dishes of Peshawri, as well as some of the crowd favourites. A closer inspection reveals that the items are placed in a fairly straightforward manner. You can choose two starters, and then one main course, along with the assorted roti/naan/kulcha/parathas available. Dessert comes next. Some of the items are available for 100/- or 200/- INR extra (for those who want to get the signature starters or main courses), and if you want to order another item from the menu after finishing your dishes, you can do so by paying  As I am a great believer in giving the Chef a free reign, I tell the chef about my seafood allergy, and then impatiently wait for the food.

yoghurt raita

M looks sceptical when a bowl of raita is served. But, the thick, creamy yoghurt is the perfect
foil for the chopped, fresh vegetables, and well, quite heavy too. I love this raita, though, and mix everything up together, before serving ourselves a bit of it, piled on our papads, and topped with some coriander chutney. I warn her about filling up on papads, and restrain myself from dipping into it.

Burrah Kabab and Fish Tikka at ITC Sonar

 The Chef had already pre-portioned our dishes, so we were served half portion of the Fish Tikka and the Burrah Kabab (because the Chef pretty much knew about my weakness for well-cooked meat). M looked at me with a little question in her eyes, and I silently picked up a piece of meat, and bit into it. Flavours exploded into my mouth – the meat was tender and juicy, and the marination had gone all the way inside, leaving it seasoned to the core. The fish flaked at the first touch, and disintegrated with a buttery shudder on my tongue. It was divine. M, the complainer, was left speechless.

Murg Makhni

 The portion of meat and fish had left us pretty full, so we decided to order a Tandoori Roti, an Onion Kulcha, along with the Murg Makhni and the Dal Bukhara. The breads were crisp and hot, served right off the tandoor, and the Murg Makhni was tasty and well-cooked, but nothing to write home about.

Dal Bukhara and Onion Kulcha

 On the other hand, the  Dal Bukhara is one of the dishes I have had before, and it did not disappoint. Simply made, with a touch of smokiness, it had a creamy texture, and we had no problem scooping it up with the rotis. M polish her share of it off quickly, before taking a second helping, not even sparing a glance at the chicken, furtively looking at my direction before hurriedly placing the pot of dal back.

Dal Bukhara

 We were given a set of choices for dessert, and both of us chose the kulfi, and no, we really aren’t the type to share desserts, because we get dessert envious. The kulfi was thick, creamy, with chunks of pistachio and topped with some thick rose syrup. Although I do not care much for falooda in general, I am happy to say, here it was thick, springy, and not like the soggy mess you generally get (and I personally dislike that heartily). Our meal finished on a note of utter repletion, and we had to sit for a bit before we could get up and leave.


Restaurant week Kolkata 2015 is on till the 20th of September, 2015, and if you want to book, go online and book your table now. The tables are being booked really fast, and although I hear some restaurants have added tables, the number of people who are booking in is getting larger, so book your table right away!

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to dine at Peshawri, ITC Sonar. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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