When Sunsilk  asked this simple question why I need to recharge my hair, I looked at my sad tresses and had a talk with them.

I asked my hair – “Hair, what is it you want?”

My hair replied – “Freedom. Freedom from the confines of those awful scrunchies you keep on putting on. Freedom from that weird pink rubber band which constantly offends my person. Freedom from the scarf that you wrap around my glorious self at times, in an effort to keep them bound.”

I was puzzled and perplexed. My hair talked back as if I was the wrongdoer. How was I the one in the wrong here? I was the one who was trying to help, right?

Well, my hair didn’t think so. Complaints of not letting it be, too much domination, too bossy, too controlling, came to my ears as my locks tickled and tattled.

They talked about SLS. They talked about Silicones. They wanted freedom from artificial nonsense.

“But… But…” I said, “That’s what all the shampoos are made of!”

My locks, obnoxious souls that they are, humphed and turned away. I woke up with a bad hair day. I piled all my hair on top of my head, jabbed a clip to keep them in control, and walked out to find a hair stylist who would cut it all off.

Enough was enough! I wasn’t taking all that lip from anyone, much less my own personal hair!

How dare they!

I swore I would cut them off.

And then, on my way to the stylist, I realized I was wrong. MY hair had an opinion of her own, a voice of her own, and I was trying to smother that. It was really unfair. Also, I missed having my tresses caress my shoulder and neck. I missed the time I spent pampering them. I missed being with them. I missed having good hair days in my life.

So I decided to recharge them.

Sunsilk has come up with a brand new shampoo which will help recharge your hair, and yes, with your tresses bouncing and happy, you can stop hiding behind those scarves, hooded jackets, caps, pins, scrunchies, and just let your hair be!

Because trust me, its the best way to be!

Disclaimer: This Post is Written as part of the ongoing Sunsilk and Indiblogger Recharge Your Hair, Recharge Your Life competition. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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