this one is something that is often considered to be EASY but is not actually. All you need are the following things:

One packet of Ramen (preferably the chicken flavor, the more bland the better)/ Chicken Maggi
Assorted Quick Cooking Vegetables, chopped really thin (please refrain from using stuff like potol, kumro, mulo, jhinge and dhNyarosh. Use stuff like brocolli, capsicum, cabbages, carrots, beans, edamame, onions, pak choy, spinach). You would need a handful per person.

Soy Sauce

Pinch of sugar



Vinegar (if you want it)


Ham/Bacon/Chicken/Shrimp (your call on the meat dept. just not sausage. that does not cut it) chopped fine, which means you get to chop them up in no more than1/3″ pieces.

here’s what you do.

Cook the noodles in boiling water for precisely a minute. Drain, wash in cold water, and keep it in 1.5 cups of cold water till it is needed. I suggest you begin cooking the noodles halfway down the cooking procedure.

Now, heat a lug of oil (which means anything between 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon. Your choice.) and stir fry your veg. Put everything in the pan. there’s not much to begin with anyway if you are cooking for one. and yes, if you like, you can add a chopped chili or two for the heat. Add your meat at this point, and fry, stirring and shaking the pan for about 3-4 minutes, or till you see the meat cooked through, more or less. Put in the sugar and pepper. Add your noodles and the water it was soaked in. Mix well, heat through and let it cook for about a couple minutes, or till the thing comes to a raging boil.

Add your reserved seasoning that comes with the Ramen or Maggi. Mix through, adjust seasonings, and you can season with vinegar and soy sauce.

This is my version of the Ramen. Completely adorable virtually any day.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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