So Quest Mall is becoming the hub for all sort of nice, expensive places around Kolkata. I recently saw Bombay Brasserie opening there, and Irish House is opening up pretty soon apparently, but then K told me about a Luxurious Cafe called Q33 opening up in Kolkata, so, in between shopping, hopped in there to take a look. It was fairly easy to locate, situated right in front of the Lifestyle store in the ground floor. People were sitting down for beverages and full meals, and as I watched, servers stumbled about, taking notes, repeating orders.

A quick look at the menu was imperative for me – they have a small but fairly decent menu, with an assortment that can only be called inspired by world cuisine. I spotted Chicken Laksa, Iranian Sambousek, and Enchiladas – quite an assortment there. However, I was still too full from my considerable lunch, so decided to give food a skip, and drink a cup of latte.

The latte came with a layer of milky foam on top, rich, bitter, with an aftertaste that for a caffeine junkie like me can live with quite happily. I contemplated ordering something else, but was pressed for time.

Oh well, now that I know it’s here, I hope its here to stay.

They took an awful lot of time to bill one coffee, though.

Q33: Lux Cafe
Ground Floor,
Quest Mall
Syed Amir Ali Avenue

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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