Chicken Seekh Pizza.

If you know my friend R, he is the genius behind the Bon Appetit cafe, and he called me up to give me a sneak peek of the new items he is including in the menu.

That includes two new sandwiches, one new version of Maggi, one new non-vegetarian paratha and six thin crust pizzas.

Yes, you heard it right.

Six. New. Thin Crust Pizzas.

Italian Maggi  – with olives, Italian seasoning and cheese on top.

The Italian Maggi has a generous smattering of chopped black olives, and a topping of cheese. Its tasty, slightly tart, and perfect for a Maggi craving.

Corn and JalapeñSandwich
The corn and jalapeño sandwich is tart and sweet, and crunchy from the buttery grilling. 

Tomato and Olive Sandwich

The tomato and olive sandwich is a lesson in simplicity, the smooth tomatoes cushioned by the buttery bread.

But, its the pizza we are looking out for. They want us. We want them.

Corn, olive and Capsicum Pizza.

The first one in is the corn, olive and capsicum pizza, sweet and sour in its notes, and thoroughly satisfying.

Cutting into the Chicken, Capsicum and Olive pizza 
The chicken, capsicum and olive pizza is the non-veg counterpart of the first, and we wait eagerly as R cuts the pizza in slices and presents it to us.
When asked about the next ones, he smiles mysteriously, and we see ourselves confronted by two new pizzas. One is a story of simplicity with mushroom and jalapeños on it, and the other one is a tangy tomato, onion and chicken seekh kabab pizza. 
Chicken Seekh Pizza (back), and Mushroom Jalapeño Pizza (front)

At this point, I am stuffed, but the Paneer Pizza is yet to come. Meanwhile, R shows off the cheesiness of the pizza to us. 

The new additions to the menu would be available from Tuesday, 17th September, 2013 at both the Hazra and Salt Lake outlets of Bon Appetit. Check them out today! 
Bon Appetit Salt Lake

AD 34, Sector 1, 

Salt Lake


Bon Appetit Hazra 
109/26, Hazra Road, 

Phone: 98367-60160
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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