Barsha, Himsikha, Jimmy and Sutapa are four women from four different professions, and the only place where their interests converge is when it comes to painting. So, when these four charismatic women put up an exhibition of paintings called “Little Joys of Life” at the Jamini Roy Gallery from the 29th of November to 1st December, I was intrigued. 

Of course, I was not alone. Designer Agnimitra Paul was seen there – wearing a beautiful green salwaar suit. She was extremely enthusiastic about the event, and said that the four were an inspiration, with their enthusiasm for art bringing them together. She pointed out towards some of her favorites from the list of paintings.

I walked around to see the lovely paintings gracing the wall. The four were similar in a lot of ways, but their styles diverged. While one used acrylic, another was more into charcoal, and there was a strong influence of women and fantastic characters in Sutapa’s works, while I saw a lot of realism, and an attempt to capture the colors and glory in Himsikha’s works.

Tanmoy Bose was present for the event as well, and he was glad he joined. “I wanted to come here and see the display, because I loved the concept,” he said.

I leave you with my pick from the large list of paintings I saw.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee attended the event on kind invitation from the management of 6 Ballygunge Place. Her opinions are unbiased. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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