chicken supreme pizza from pizza hut India

I recently was invited by Pizza Hut India to try out their pan pizzas, and they sent over three pizzas for me to taste. I was, of course, excited by the prospect of pizza, plus, do you know that you get a 50% off on every order of Pan Pizzas on Wednesdays? Now, the sad part is, Pizza Hut doesn’t deliver to my location (until and unless I Swiggy it, but they don’t allow getting the buy one get one free deal, which is sad), but you can do a quick check by checking out if you have a Pizza Hut nearby. Plus, Pizza Hut India has great deals and offers going on all the time, so check the website out for such deals! 

Now, on to the Pizzas.

pizza hut kolkata

pizza hut kolkata

I picked the Chicken Triple Feast, Chicken Supreme, and Chicken Italiano Pizzas. The Chicken Triple Feast and Chicken Italiano pizzas came with their classic crust, while the Chicken Supreme one had a Cheese Maxx crust. They were delivered to me while still quite hot, but, because I had to wait a bit before I could eat them, I reheated them briefly in the microwave to heat the pizza up, and then transferred them to a covered frying pan, to crisp up the bottom a bit. That made the pizzas taste exactly like when they are served at the store. I didn’t sprinkle any extra seasonings before taste-testing, because I wanted to understand the flavours better.

chicken supreme pizza

Chicken Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut India

I was looking forward to a Cheese Maxx crust, because, hello, Mozzarella! Pizza Hut uses 100% Mozzarella cheese, and they were more than generous. I loved the chicken meatballs but felt that the tomato sauce was a bit too much on the crust for my liking. If ordering again, I would go with the normal crust, because I felt that the addition of extra sauce was to compensate for the cheese, but I daresay, I felt that the pieces of chicken tikka were also overly salty. But, surprisingly, this can be easily compensated by ketchup, which reduced the salt-quotient slightly.

chicken italiano pizza from pizza hut

chicken italiano pizza

Chicken Italiano Pizza from Pizza Hut India

Topped with a great deal of peppers, olives, mushrooms, chicken, and chicken pepperoni, which was rather pleasantly smoky, the crunch from the vegetables and the generous amount of mozzarella cheese worked really well for me. Out of the three, I found this one to be slightly under-seasoned, but if you are adding sprinkling of oregano on top, you’ll be fine, I think. Its also got the least amount of sauce, which, by the way, was a good thing, because too much sauce makes the crust of a pizza soggy.

ultimate chicken pizza

Ultimate Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut India

This was an overdose of chicken for me, but a) the crust versus meat ratio, for me, was perfect, because I could get a bit of meat in every bite, and it was a really nice contrast between chicken sausage, chicken pepperoni, meatballs, and the minced chicken was generously spread all over, and yes, the mozzarella was more than generous.

pizza hut india

pizza hut kolkata

Overall, I have to say that the thing for me about pizza has always been the crust, and the crust is not dense or chewy, but quite fluffy and mildly yeasty, and although these are loaded with toppings, if you like pizzas with a lot of toppings, then you would like this too. I daresay I don’t much like the fact that Pizza Hut doesn’t have mutton/pork/fish/beef, but well, its their choice, and chicken is pretty commonly available I guess. Plus, the offers they provide make it pretty competitively priced, so if you are looking for your next pizza party, this might be a good option.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was provided with the pizzas in exchange of her honest opinion. 


Written by Poorna Banerjee

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