Desserts are a tricky thing – many times, we falter when it comes to desserts, and aren’t sure what goes with it. In fact, till date, fruity wines, and sickly sweet ones most of the times at that, are the chosen ones with a glass of Scotch. However, sometimes, we need to make a choice, and get something which would be different – our choice depending on our growing taste buds. I love pairing different kinds of alcohol with my dessert, and essentially, prefer things kept bitter and smooth rather than light and acidic.
That is when Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve comes in.
I love pairing Black Dog with dessert – it forms a fabulous background for a dense, rich dessert platter. I have often concocted chocolate platters, and served them with choice whiskey – the pairing goes quite well together. 
In fact, I got the idea some time back, when one of my favorite chefs cooked up a fantastic, dense chocolate mousse, and served it with a single shot of premium Black Dog whiskey – the combination was heady, beautiful, and incredibly addictive.
From then on, I have learned to appreciate the idea of “less is more”. In fact, since a fine blend like Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve needs no extra additive, I prefer keeping my drink as simple as it can get. That is why, while creating an inspired dessert platter, where there is a predominance of coffee and cocoa, I generally omit other alcohol while pairing, and stick to my favorite tipple. Recently, it was a lovely combination of a dark toffee pudding, which I finished with a little flambé, and while serving, added Triple Gold Reserve on the sideboard. The guests loved it, and admired the fine scotch with the sweet and sticky toffee pudding, and my dinner was a roaring success.

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above.  

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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