When I was told about the Paratha Festival that is being held at Kebab-e-Que, I was a happy girl. I am a paratha lover, and I have a penchant for a well-made one, served with cold yogurt, some pickles, and a few slivers of onion.

And yes, butter, please, if you are feeding me ones stuffed with potatoes or cauliflower. No arguments there.

So, we seated ourselves as Supreeta Singh explained why she felt this event was necessary – “You see”, She smiled, “I felt that we needed to focus on something which would be tasty, simple, and good for the soul in this season. And we kept a few traditional choices, and a couple of choices which were unconventional, but tasty.”

Among the six parathas we were served – Egg, Fish, Chicken, Keema from the non-vegetarian segment, and the Aliv Nutri Paratha and Aloo Gobi Paratha from the vegetarian one, here’s what I picked as my favorites and why.

Simply cooked, soft, loaded with eggs. This egg paratha was not oily, and I wanted to eat this with some chilli sauce on the side. I am perverse like that, but this is something similar to what I make at home.  Of course this was my first choice!

The Keema Paratha was crisp on the edges, with a spicy filling of minced meat inside which was pretty tasty. The parathas served to us came with a serving of creamy dal and plain yogurt. A glass of spiced buttermilk was kept on the side, complimenting the thick, tasty parathas perfectly.  

 Strangely enough, my personal favorite was the vegetarian Aliv Nutri Paratha. I picked this over the aloo gobi paratha because I loved the texture, the flavor, and the fact that it was crisp, filled with a combination of crumbled paneer, bell pepper, onions cooked together, and wasn’t oily at all. It was flavorful, yet light, and I adored the combination.

The Paratha Festival at Kebab-e-Que will be over on the 24th, so go check it out before that.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the Paratha Festival of Kebab-e-Que.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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