As a child, my mother would tell me that my Jupiter was pretty high, and so I was not supposed to like the color Orange much. However, I thought otherwise. I *loved* everything orange – the color, the fruit, the flavor, and well, in time, the movie as well. So when I got the chance to vouch for it, thanks to, I decided to jump at the chance.

Why Orange?
Well, why not?
I know. Orange is an insanely positive color. Every time I look at it, I think – yes! More! More life, more love, more everything! Its the color of the sun rays – all bright and joyous and everything nice! From the palest of the shade, to the darkest, the color makes me happy (and well, makes me look very good too, apparently!!!). 
But, there are deeper reasons for my liking for Orange Breezer. Have you ever tasted one, by the by? My first taste of it got me hooked – it was refreshing, tangy, sweet, with a hint of salt and a little bite. There was a fresh scent of citrus and my mouth watered, eager for another taste.
I was hooked. 
And well, I will not waste my words in singing praises about my team. I would rather urge you to take a sip. And then tell me. Because, to me, Orange Bacadi Breezer tastes just like bottled sunshine. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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