They say that people go away, fade away, and only memories remain. There are certain people who leave an impression that you cannot forget, even though the person might no longer be with you. This story is about someone who shared a beautiful day with me, a day which started out in misery and ended up in happiness.

That is what a Platinum Day of Love to me is… something worth more than conventional relationships, common norms and barriers, escalating into moments of pure happiness.

The day for me had begun with a disaster. I woke up to find that while I was sleeping, most of the valuables  in my room, including my purse, my phone, and my camera, were stolen. The last two were new, and I was heartbroken at the loss. After recovering slightly, running to the police, getting all my cards and phone SIM blocked, I ended up inside my room, crying brokenly.

And all I could think of was that one person who I ran to when I was miserable. Because I knew that it would be all right if I was with him.

So I phoned him from my land phone, and he immediately answered. After hearing my ranting for 2 minutes flat, he ordered me to stop crying, get over it, and come to him.

I did. I got out of the house, in a bus because I was broke, and ran to him.

And when he saw me, he told me that it was all right, I should stop crying, and he wanted to buy some things, so we had better hurry up.

We went out, walked to the local metro station, and he was in a cheerful mood which was pretty much annoying. I kept frowning at him and he kept laughing and talking about things, and slowly I forgot my misery and started to laugh. I realized that even without my phone, camera and purse, I was unhurt, safe and happy. And that was a lot, right?

We got down and we were walking down the streets when something attracted his eyes. He stood by the road and stared at some iron rings and lucky charms being fashioned by a short, dark man.

“How much for that ring?” He picked one iron ring up, and held it out for the man to see.

“Twelve rupees.” The man replied.

“Make it ten and I will take it.” He countered. He was a good bargainer, I would give him that.

The man stared at him solemnly and said, “I don’t make these for the money, babu.I make them because they are lucky. The money I ask from you is just a token for them.”

He stared at the man’s face for a second. Then he fished a twenty-rupee note from his purse and gave it to the man, and took the ring.

“Thanks for the luck, man!” He said, and wore the ring on his finger. Then he looked at it, then at me, and then slid it on my finger.

“Here. I think you need a bit more luck than me today.”

I was, till this point, just staring and watching the byplay. Suddenly, I saw him look at me, and he was solemn, and serious. And that was the moment I realized that I had made the right choice in coming to him. He did make me feel loved, cherished, and adored with that simple gesture.

In life, there would be many people who would come and go. But then again, there are certain people who are special. And with these special people, there are moments which are special, and that makes life worth living for.


Written by Poorna Banerjee

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