Mrs Magpie Cake

Mrs Magpie Cake

The Goddess arrives with much pomp, and the food scene of the city is transformed accordingly. Mrs. Magpie, in keeping with the festive season, has come up with a rather cute new menu, which is both beautiful to behold, and delectable on the taste buds. I checked out their Southern Avenue location to sample some of the items on offer.


Mrs Magpie Southern Avenue

Take a  look at the rather beautifully decorated store front, with the pujo pandal, the food stalls, and the fun and fair-like décor, quite easily seen in many parts of the city. The attention to details is definitely worth noting, and the special menu for Pujo 2015 is quite promising.

If you are a fan of cute cafes in Kolkata, then you should go to Mrs. Magpie and be overwhelmed by the cuteness overload.


Pujo 2015 Mrs Magpie Decor

There are a couple of new sandwiches introduced, and the Creamy Chicken Sandwich has a mild, pleasant flavour, with slices of chicken and vegetables sandwiched between some fluffy bread. This year, the cafe has brought in a new kind of flour, which gives the bread a different, lighter texture.


creamy chicken sandwich

The puff tarts come in an assortment of flavours, and I pick the Broccoli tart over the Creamy Chicken one. The crust is quite beautiful – it has a glorious golden hue, and a delectable crunch, which complements the creamy filling inside, and the chunks of broccoli, which lends to the texture greatly.


Assorted Puff Tarts at Mrs Magpie

The Marzipan Owls are beyond adorable, and we pause before cutting into them, to admire the sheer cuteness for a few seconds. But, once the moment’s over, we savour the strong, almond flavour of the marzipan, and the chocolate within.


Owl Marzipan

Mrs. Magpie’s marzipan covered cakes are Pujo-themed, with beautiful designs which are sheer delight to observe. We slice into a rich chocolate cake, dense and moist, and I have mine with a tall cup of well-made Latte.


Mrs Magpie Cakes 2015

Mrs. Magpie’s Pujo menu is going to be featured throughout this month, so if you are in the mood to be overwhelmed with cuteness which tastes great too, head over to their Southern Avenue or Kasba outlet – the menu is on offer at both locations. The menu is priced reasonably, and a meal for two would cost about 600/- INR.


Mrs Magpie Cafe Kolkata

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee dined at Mrs. Magpie at the kind invitation of the management. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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