Mrs. Magpie was on my bucket list for a considerable period of time, not because of the food, actually, but because the place was so cute that I was hyperventilating at the overdose of cuteness the first time I saw it. A shop which I missed the first time because I did not keep my eyes peeled, but the second time around, I was able to see it.

Enter this lovely little place, complete with dainty chairs and pink cushioned sofas, and even the strongest man will blanch slightly, hesitate, and then furiously smoke a cigarette after his meal is over, while the woman would sit inside patiently, waiting for the change to be brought back.

Or not.

Oh well. It was a good fantasy, but the woman wanted scones more than injured male pride, so there she went. And ate.

Loaves of bread.

Loaves of breads and biscuits rest sweetly, while a display case on a side shows off the cupcakes and puffs. To be very honest, however, I was not really there for the cupcakes. I have sampled them, and although they were not bad, they did not tempt me as much as something else did. I checked, hemmed, hawed, and decided on what clearly was my goal from the very first moment.

The menu card is simply written, and we quickly rattle out our order. The waiter takes it down patiently, explains what goes in where, and when the man is sufficiently excited, repeats the order, gives a brief nod, and walks off. We sit, silently watching the surroundings, and then look fervently at the lone pack of biscuits resting on the fine bowl, hoping that more would be added to the content, so that we might pick and choose once our meal is over. Alas, it does not happen. However, by that time I am sufficiently distracted by the scones.

Sultana Scones.

I ask for scones, and the polite staff immediately reply, “Which kind?” That is music to my ears, and I smile at him and tell him I want to eat the ones with sultanas in it. He smiles, nods and tells me they would be mine very soon.

We grin at each other in utter satisfaction, anticipating the calorie overload.

Scones. Split, and smeared.
 The scones come warm, and I split one in half and apply a generous amount of pulpy strawberry jam, butter and what is probably supposed to be clotted cream but rather is a nice, but very cold buttercream. I would have liked the butter and buttercream to be at room temperature. That helps in melting it. But well, who am I to argue when the warm scones do my bidding easily. I bite into a piece and close my eyes because this is as close to a proper English scone that is available in India.
And believe me, I have been through a lot of scones before I say that.
The scones are flaky, savory, sweet, and not dense and stone-like, but light and delightful. I lick my lips, close my eyes, and my dining partner watch me with all the fascination of a scientist examining a mutant lab rat.

I inhale the rest of my portion, and turn my attention towards the large glass of strawberry milk shake (95/- for the tall glass) gracing the side. It is big, inviting, and I want it. Want it right now!

Unfortunately, it is also rather sweet for my taste, and I think a bit more tang would have been perfect. It is probably made by blending strawberry ice cream and milk together, as I could not discern any real “strawberry” in there, but it is a very nice shake which could have been better if I could taste a bit of the fruit in it instead of strawberry ice cream that remind me of drinking liquefied store-bought strawberry ice cream.

Not that drinking liquefied strawberry ice cream is a bad thing. In many palate, that would be touching God.

My God was not too enthusiastic about it though.

Of course, I am still happy about the scone.

On the other side of the table, a lot of action is happening, and a pair of hands furiously attack a Cheddar Puff (35/-), and even before I can ask for a taste, inhale it and declare it to be quite nice. Nothing more is said. I look slightly desolate, so I am offered one of the sandwiches as a peace offering.

Veg Club Sandwich (225/-)

The vegetable club sandwich prove to be a downfall for the two of us. A huge portion, with clean, sharp slices of tomato, bell pepper, creamy cheesy innards, and a perfectly grilled exterior, this is still too big for us to handle, so half of this huge portion is carried off by me to be consumed later. The crispy potato chips are consumed though. They are rather addictive, apparently, with alternative sips of the chocolate shake (95/-) which had been ordered.

I do not remember how much the scones cost me, but the total bill came to 531/- which is pretty decent, considering the fact that we were two happy and extremely full individuals who were seen leaving Mrs. Magpie. I must say that I will be coming back (and well, I have been back more often than not), and this shall be a place to retire to, and eat smoked salmon sandwiches. But for now, it is a pleasure to see such a beautifully decorated cafe with nice food.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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