There are many people who have asked me how I can survive eating out virtually every day, and not small, restricted quantities too! My only answer to them is this – I eat when I am hungry, and I eat breakfast without fail.
As I work through the night, often ending up going to sleep around 4-5 am in the morning, the first meal after I wake up from my sleep ends up being supremely important, because it fills me up, and I feel charged through the day. As I often have to go out for lunch engagements, I end up eating the food outside, and then I have a tendency of not eating until I feel hungry.
My grandmother told me once – eat only when you feel hungry, because your hunger is your stomach’s signal for wanting more food. She also told me never to starve myself, but to eat adequately, and make a combination of everything – protein, carbohydrates and fat, with plenty of fibers from green vegetables. As I love eating my greens, I don’t have any problem filling up on vegetables, both raw and cooked.
But when it comes to breakfast in my house, I am often picky. I like the meals I cook, but sometimes, I am lazy and then I just pop open a pack of corn flakes and add it to a bowl of cold milk, with a handful of nuts. I like adding slivers of almonds to my corn flakes. On the other hand, corn flakes are kept in my house because they are much more than breakfast food for me. My mother makes a cornflakes-crusted chicken which is crunchy and absolutely delicious.
Cornflakes are versatile and fun to use up, and you can make so many things with them! Check out, where you can see so many different recipes that are being whipped up in the house of Guptaji. The idea that they have is simple – corn flakes can be jazzed up in many different manners, and all of them are tasty and easy to cook with. I checked out a few recipes, and loved the idea of making cornflakes balls with chocolate and walnuts. The chocolate adds a load of anti-oxidants to your body, and the walnuts are filled with good fat. The combination with corn flakes make them light, tasty, nutritious and crunchy. 
Also, if you check out the “Homework wala Nashta”, you will see an incredibly fun recipe where a savory salad is made with cornflakes, cabbage, celery, grapes, topped with a smooth, yogurt-laden dressing. A very different combination indeed!

So, if I would go to Guptaji’s house for a meal, there must be fun recipes like this in the menu! These are easy to make and tasty. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for me, and yes, of course I would love some good food! 
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Kellogg’s India.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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