This post is dedicated to simple pleasures. Here’s a few things that gave me pleasure recently. In no real order, I present to you a few things around Kolkata that I have loved recently, and intend to love some more pretty soon. By that, read “Will Eat More”.

1. Filter Coffee at Banana Leaf, Lake Market. 

I can come to Banana Leaf, drink four cups of this coffee, and go home a happy camper. Its perfect, especially after I pull it between glass and cup. Its a way of life, man!

2. Chicken Clear Soup at Afraa Deli (Half Serving), City Center

There is a reason why I mentioned half serving. You see, I find the full serving to be slightly too much for my liking. The half is enough. Its shreds of grilled chicken in a lovely light broth resplendent with parsley and pepper. Perfect when you want to drink something warm on a rainy afternoon. I had it again today, and loved the fact that it had chargrilled chicken in it rather than the boring, bland, boiled chicken.

3. Chicken Cordon Bleu at Moulin Rouge, Park Street.

Under the not so nice bread, butter, and chips and veggies lie the gem. A thick fillet of chicken sandwiching cheese. The cheese-to-chicken ratio is perfect here, and I generally eat this solo, leaving out the rest.

Okay, maybe I eat the chips too. But that’s it.

4. Mint Chocolate Cupcake at Caramelle, Beckbagan.

I am guilty of liking virtually all the cupcakes I see. Keep me around one, and within five minutes, I am stripping it, and eating it the next moment. This one caught my eye at Caramelle, and I pretty much inhaled it. Cool minty dark chocolate moist cupcake, topped with a buttercream that has hints of salt in it to bring everything together. Fondant flag and heart were eaten outright. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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