Luxurious is that one word that keeps me thinking of this Gwen Stefani video, and I wish I could do a lot of those things she was doing – draping herself in expensive fabric, dancing, wearing outrageous clothing and makeup. 
See? I am a silly, silly person at heart.
But then, the definition of luxury is different in every individual’s point of view. My definition is not the same as yours, or anyone else’s. But I do love my life, the things in it, and the things I take for granted. There are thousands of people who are way less privileged than I am, and I thank God for what I have – and what I consider to be my good life.
And a day for me sometimes is a very hectic one – it can start off at any random hour, and then there would be a marathon run to and fro, and I would end up working like crazy through the day well into the night, and sometimes, it might continue well into the next day, nonstop.
Yes, that is how my life is, sometimes.
And after a day like that, I am so beyond exhaustion that sleep eludes me. All I seem to do is stay awake, and wonder why I am awake – it is a vicious circle.
That is the moment when I need that something extra – something that makes me relax. A luxurious blend that truly gives me infinite pleasure after a really long, hard day’s work.
Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve is beautiful in its simplicity – it provides me with a dash of happiness, a burst of luxurious elegance, when I need it the most. Its smooth flavor, rounded edges, fine taste, and gorgeous aftertaste are what I love about it. So I measure myself a drink, take a sip, and just chill. 
Disclaimer: This post is in association with Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. The content is suitable for age 25 and above. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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