L’Oreal Infallible Le Rouge Lipsticks are priced at INR 1050/- and are available at L’Oreal counters, beauty stores, as well as online at Nykaa and Amazon. I first fell in love with these some time back, and got a few from them (Charismatic Coral being one of them). So, when the brand sent over some of the products from the range, I was pleasantly surprised to see five beautiful Infallible lipsticks. I have been travelling a good deal these days, and if you travel, then you will know how important it is to carry makeup which can last a long time when you are on a trip. I took L’Oreal products with me on my trip to Thailand, and used them extensively for the last few weeks. I would be posting about other products as well eventually.

L'Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge Lipstick (L-R – Forever Frappe, Rambling Rose, Persistent Plum, Everlasting Plum and Charismatic Coral)

What L’Oreal has to say: Go glamorous for 10 hours straight! L’Oreal Paris Infallible Lipstick is something your favourite stars swear by! A highly pigmented lip shade which can only be removed with a make up remover so it has an impeccable staying power.

  • The hydrating vitamin E locks in moisture while to give your lips non stop hydration.
  • A creamy conditioning base prevents fading of the colour while the stain proof formula locks avoids any kind of smudging and smearing.

I have five of these Infallible Lipsticks with me today – Forever Frappe, Rambling Rose, Persistent Plum, Everlasting Plum and Charismatic Coral. I would briefly describe the colours and how they fared on my lips.

Loreal infallible lipsticks

Loreal infallible lipsticks

Forever Frappe is a beautiful shade of warm caramel brown without shimmers or glitters. It settled on my skin within a few minutes of application, and had a lovely, creamy texture. This is one of the colours I believe is perfect for daytime wear, because it is really easy for Indian skin tones to carry this off. This stayed on my lips with minimum fading for about 6-7 hours, and faded when I had a meal. However, the texture was so that it did not bleed, feather, or dry my lips out.

Rambling Rose is a gorgeous shade of dark dusty pinky rose, and possibly my favourite shade. I have a little soft corner for these shades, and I ended up wearing this a lot during the day as well. It is, again, another very wearable shade of pink, suited for fair to medium skin tones. On darker skin tone, this tends to stand out slightly. It didn’t look so amazing on me after I got a tan, so I ended up wearing the brighter colours more often. This lasted for about 5 hours on me without fading, but went away when I ate. Texture was similar to Forever Frappe.

Top Left: Everlasting Plum, Top Right - Forever Frappe. Bottom L-R: Rambling Rose, Charismatic Coral, Persistent Plum.

Top Left: Everlasting Plum, Top Right – Forever Frappe. Bottom L-R: Rambling Rose, Charismatic Coral, Persistent Plum.

Persistent Plum is more maroon than plum, but that actually endeared this shade to my mother. This colour is perfect for those who don’t want to sport a bold red on their lips but would rather like something darker and quite sophisticated. I generally put on one swipe, as I find two swipes of this shade making me look slightly older. However, my mother went for this one, and she absolutely loves the colour. It is a great lipstick for Indian skin tone in general, and can be worn by darker skin toned people easily. This was also the longest-lasting of the lot – it stayed put for about 7+ hours and didn’t fade much even after I ate and drank – from the centre of my lips, but I am used to it. I was really impressed by this one’s lasting power, because it left a lovely stain afterwards. Also, no fading, no bleeding, but this did dry my lips out a bit.

Everlasting Plum is a lovely purple-plum shade which I ended up wearing a lot during the evenings. It is, again, a shade which is dark but can be worn as per your taste- one swipe will give you a gorgeous shade of fuchsia-purple, while two-three swipes will deepen the colour. I preferred one swipe, since I liked keeping the look light and fresh. This stayed for 5+ hours, and left a light stain after fading. It did go away after I ate, but refreshing it wasn’t difficult.

Charismatic Coral is one of my favourite shades from this range, and I had finished one of them last year. This is a lovely bold shade of orange-y red which is quite bold but really wearable as well, and I wore this colour, both during the day and night, and I actually got asked a few times about the colour I was sporting. As usual – no bleeding, no feathering, and this stayed matte and creamy on my lips for 6+ hours without eating or drinking. It did go away completely after I ate a meal though.


I wore these colours around Thailand, and these shades stayed put for a very long time – and I loved the look they gave me and their finish. This look was kept simple – I added a bit of Infallible foundation on my skin and blended it out (I forgot my concealer, but well, what’s life without a bit of improvisation?),  added a bit of pale gold eyeshadow on my eyelids and blended it to ensure it looked natural, lined my eyes with a dark blue kohl, and finished with loads of L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara (my favourite!). On my lips I wore the shade Forever Frappe from the Infallible range, and I dabbed in some face powder to finish, and I was done for the day! The colour wore for a good period of time without fading and I have to admit I quite love their effect on me.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was sent the products for review by the brand. Her opinions are honest and unbiased.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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