Lays MAXX Chips India
Lays is upping the game with the introduction of Lays MAXX in India, which is popular for extremely fun flavors.  I looked it up the net, and it seems is in Thai and the flavors are pretty interesting (pork ribs is one of them, I think!). In India, they have launched two flavors, and of course, I had to pick them up, because, you know, chips! The two new flavors of Lays Maxx are Sizzling Barbecue and Macho Chilli. 
Lays MAXX Chips
Sigh. I was thinking of seafood, or salt and vinegar, and they gave us chilli. Shallow of you Lays! 
The packs are priced pretty reasonably for Lays MAXX –  INR 15/- for the small pack, and INR 30/- for the large one. The difference between these and normal Lays chips is that these come with deep grooves, which is supposed to “capture” more flavors, I guess? Plus, I think it will be great for picking up dips, although the chips felt quite fragile to me. 
Lays Macho Chilli Flavor 
Okay, first up, Macho Chilli. Now, here is the deal. Macho Chilli was not really what I had expected. I had thought it would be hot. It was not. In fact, it had a vinegary taste which was really not my thing – and it totally overpowered the chip for me. I had to drink water to get the taste out of my mouth afterwards. Sorry Lays, this one actually reminded me of another flavor from the same brand – the Chile Lemon, when I had thought it would be more like that addictive Hot and Sweet Chilli Flavor you had on a few days ago. They were so good that I bought and ate huge packs of it. 
Lays MAXX Sizzling Barbecue Flavor
After the disappointment of the first one, I was apprehensive about trying the Lays MAXX Sizzling Barbecue Flavor. But, here again, Lays surprised me. The flavor of smoke and sweetness are the first two things you will get when you bite into a chip, and I liked the subtle heat that crept up behind the sweetness from the chillies, and a bit of onion following suit. This one is a total winner in my opinion, the barbecue flavor not overwhelming at all. Me likes! 
Lays MAXX Chips Groove
For those of you who want to see how “groovy” these chips are, here is a shot from the side. Take a look! I somehow am getting reminded of my childhood and a particular chips called Ruffles, strangely enough. I am, however, glad that Lays has come up with at least one nice new flavor. 
Lays MAXX Chips Flavor Macho Chilli and Sizzling Barbecue for India
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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