The Body Shop Nutriganics Drops of Youth Serum and Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate

A recent invite from The Body Shop led me to their shop in City Center I. I am so glad that I no longer need to run all the way to South City or Forum for my TBS fix, and the brand had flown in Jacqueline Fernandez for a fantastic launch. This was followed by a Blogger’s Meet in the evening.  I was invited to both events – the launch as well as the meet, and I chose to attend the meet. One of the nicest thing to happen at these meets is to catch up with friends and make new acquaintances in the Kolkata Beauty and Lifestyle blogging scene.

Aradhika Mehta

We were joined by, among others, the lovely Aradhika Mehta, who talked to us about the benefits of the Nutriganics Drops of Youth serum and the eye concentrate. Nutriganics Drops of Youth is great for anyone who would like to achieve smoother looking skin. It contains Criste-Marine plant stem and beech bud extracts, and is 99% organic. You need to apply 2-3 drops, let it sink in, and then put on your daily moisturizer. The result is glowing, smoother skin. The eye concentrate rejuvenates tired eyes, and firm the skin around the eyes. She showed how easy it was to apply the products. Extracts of Edelweiss flower, known for its re-generating skills, has gone into this eye concentrate, and over time, it reduces fine lines and puffiness. Of course, the mention of the word “Edelweiss” made me want to break into the famous Sound of Music song, but I contained myself.

I was joined by a number of fellow bloggers from Kolkata, and actually, I don’t have everyone’s photo here, because I literally ran out of space. Anyway, there were so many fun activities to do, including a photo booth and a caricature artist.

But then, beauty bloggers would always love a makeover, and D, B, and S gamely sat for one. She received an eye massage, and then makeup was applied. Although I declined (I was too busy talking to people I haven’t met in ages), I had fun watching my friends get made up.

B, halfway through her eye makeup.

Of course, I was more attracted to the table where the food was. Tiny Hors d’ oeuvres sat on a big table, and I went back for the mushroom tartlets, the spinach and corn Eclair (that little sliver of olive adding a hint of tang which was lovely) the chocolate raspberry tarts (the filling was sweet and sour – I approve) with tiny replica Edelweiss on it, chocolate cups filled with a light chocolate mousse and topped with a white chocolate ganache (extremely tasty, but got too sweet for me after two bites), and a green and white cupcake tower to represent The Body Shop’s Nutriganics range. There were tiny leaves on the cupcakes, and they were filled with praline. I might have snagged a few. 

We did take advantage of the photo booth and got some lovely group shots clicked and then printed. Naturally, we posed, looked pretty. Too bad I don’t have them with me now, and I totally forgot to take group photos.

Before leaving, we were presented with the Nutriganics Drops of Youth Serum (2895/-) and Eye Concentrate (1995/-). I am going to test these out in the near future and see how they work out. Thanks Team Body Shop for the invite.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the Body Shop Event at City Center I by Foxymoron.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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