‘Planet Gastronomy is an attempt to cover the better part of the globe in one book, one famous recipe at a time’ – Ananya Banerjee

I am sitting at Starmark with Ananya Banerjee, food stylist, cook and globe trotter. Her new book, Planet Gastronomy, is a collection of recipes around the globe which she has painstakingly collected over the years, cooked, and adapted to her own taste buds.

Ananya Banerjee

Ananya now lives in Mumbai, but her heart belongs to travelling. Her journey across the globe brought her in touch with many different kinds of cuisine, and she wanted to create a book which would have a compilation of the most popular dishes she ate.

“Of course, there’s always Google. But when I wanted to have a cookbook which would compile many dishes from around globe, I drew blank. So, I decided to come up with one of my own.”

Rita Bhimani

 The launch of the book Planet Gastronomy was attended by a number of celebrity – quite the star-studded affair. Conducted by the very elegant Rita Bhimani, it featured, among others, Chef Joymalya Banerjee, Rakhi Purnima Dasgupta, Actor June Maliah, Nilanjana Chakrabarty, Designer Agnimitra Paul, Lopamudra Saha, and the Mayor of Kolkata, Sovan Chatterjee.

June Maliah

 There was a nice discussion about food after the launch was over. The mayor regaled the audience with stories of the food he had eaten around the globe, and how some of it had been really alien to him at first. Chef Joy talked about the food he makes – contemporary Bengali cuisine, and how Bengali food is modernised now. Rita Bhimani spoke about the relevance of understanding the concept of Global Cuisine and how its important to explore food more.

I received a copy of the book, and the photos and the recipes look nice. A more detailed review of the book will be up on the blog shortly.

Disclaimer: Poorna Banerjee was invited to the book launch by the organisers. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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