About Me

Hello,I am Poorna Banerjee, aka Panu, and this is my blog from Kolkata, India, which is mostly about cooking, recipes and restaurant reviews. I generally review restaurants and hotels in Kolkata and my work as a Restaurant Consultant and Food Critic in Kolkata allows me to maintain this blog as a showcase of my work. All the reviews, unless otherwise specified, have been written down after I paid for them out of my own pockets. I do not write biased reviews, and do not rate restaurants, because I believe food is an experience, and every experience is separate from the other, never to be reproduced. Through my Kolkata food blog, I will try to present to you the unbiased opinion of an unashamed food lover.

All opinions and photographs, unless otherwise specified are my own, and you may take them with or without my permission. Truthfully speaking, I totally believe that in life, the best things come for free, and so, make free with my work. I actually do not mind. The content is copyrighted to me, but you can reproduce it anywhere, again, with my consent. Its nice to be appreciated once in a while, you see.

Apart from my work as a food writer from Kolkata, I am also a beauty, skincare and gaming addict, specifically MMORPGs, and I currently write beauty reviews and posts on my own blog as well as on a few others like http://bbeautilicious.com and http://www.everything-thatmatters.com/. I also have a passion for travelling, and you would find my travel posts on the blog quite easily.

I am open to suggestions and offers of advertisement and publishing and writing promotional content about products which are interesting to me. If you are an advertiser, do drop me a line at – panushwari(at)gmail(dot)com where I can be reached quite easily.

In case you want to check out the book written by me, please find it here – http://www.amazon.com/The-Cookie-Book-Cookies-ebook/dp/B0094V6UHI