When there’s a wedding in the house, you tend to get anxious, right? And that is what happened recently, when I was out all day, one hot summer afternoon. Travelling around my city, doing chores, was not something I was looking forward to, but what to do? I had to finish a lot of chores in very little time.


Luckily, 7UP Revive came to my rescue.  I will admit: I was attracted to the color at first. It is my one weakness – anything which has a unique color automatically excites me. That is probably the reason why I would be the first person to order a bright yellow drink, or a funky purple one. But this one was came in an electric blue bottle.

Whoa Nelly! I love blue! And that said, this one, as per the sides of the bottle, 7UP Revive also contained Vitamin B3, B6, B12 along with electrolytes that would help to hydrate my body. Needless to say, I started my day by popping open the cap of the bottle and taking a long swallow. Thank god, not too sweet! I hate drinks which are too sweet to consume, and this was rather deliciously tart. I shared the bottle with my friend who was accompanying me, and then made a move to my first destination.

7up revive

7up revive

First stop: Blouse Fitting.

This was difficult – come on, lady, why do you have to make everything so hard, including understanding my requirements? I was in the shop for 1 hour 40 minutes, waiting for my turn, and then, when my turn finally came, the lady at the shop got it wrong again. I was standing in the crowded, hot room, arguing with the woman about the wrong measurements, and finally got her to correct it. Feeling like Alexander, I came out, victorious and glistening with sweat, and made a beeline for the nearest shop, where I could spy people holding bottles of 7UP Revive.

7up revive summer

7up revive summer

Second stop: Card Distribution.

What seemed to be an easy task (only 4 cards) turned out to be quite hard. We had been, unfortunately, given the houses which were in the opposite sides of the city, and after travelling via taxi, bus, tram, autos, and walking the last bits, by the time we had finished distributing, we were both wilted and limp, clinging to our seats. I voted for a lunch break, and we sat down for a simple meal consisting of a cold salad and long drags of 7UP Revive. What I liked was the refreshing aspect of this drink, especially poured over ice. It just made the drink so tangy and fresh!

7up revive review

7up revive review

Third stop: Buying Shoes.

I didn’t relish this part, but a good pair of shoes which were not too blingy was what I wanted, and for that, I was willing to walk the extra mile. And well, we did walk a few extra miles, as I went from one shop to the other, comparing price, color, and fit. I ended up choosing one after nearly an hour, and well, at this point my friend decided to call it a day.

So, we headed back home, holding our half-empty bottles of 7UP Revive, to chill on my terrace as the sun went down. It was a lovely, languorous evening, and we watched the evening crawl up and the birds flying back to their nests, sipping on the cool drink.

Disclaimer: This post is in association with #7UPRevive. 

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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