D of Poutpretty invited me for an event to Kiehl’s newest store that has opened up in Kolkata, at Quest Mall. I was excited, not just because of the brand, which has just gotten more accessible, but also because the event was going to have a free skincare consultation.

Pout Pretty! 

So, over tea and lovely cupcakes, we commenced a discussion. The staff at Kiehl’s was polite, very knowledgeable about their product range, and extremely patient with us. We were squealing and giggling and taking photos and they handled us all with an expert hand.

The SAs Posing with the Products

I was excited to see a number of things I would love to try out in the future. I looked especially at their hydrating range, and their anti-ageing range. Besides, I was pr

Skincare is always a good thing, and I did check out a few things I would like to purchase in the future. Meanwhile, skin consultations were on. The attentive associates at the shop were taking care of all the queries and helping them choose products according to their skin type.
I was very impressed by their detailed explanations and how they recommended based on skin type and made sure the customer was happy with the purchase, rather than just thrusting a product at them. We were given lovely gifts from Kiehl’s before we left and they also shared some samples of creams with me.
And of course, what’s an event like this without a few pictures?
S from Sorelle Grapevine smiling innocently while telling me she is on a shopping ban. 
There’s N from Makeup and Chitchat enjoying her cupcake. Isn’t she cute? 
And of course, there’s a lot of love between SGC and D, as you can see! 

PSD trying to make the Kiehl’s Man love her. He is not interested. Clearly.

S from Sweet and Bitter blog arranging everything to her liking before taking the perfect picture.

And of course, a group photo with SSM from Makeover Madness where only Pout Pretty refused to Pout. 
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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