KFC has always made me happy, and yes, I do not mind admitting, I do like their Hot and Crispy Chicken and the Chicken Popcorn. This morning, I hit KFC in my neighbourhood for a monthly fix, and discovered they have started a Zinger Burger festival. They are presently serving a series of burgers – the classic one and the double paneer one are from their original menu, but there are a couple of additions to KFC’s burger range – Moroccan Chilli and Mexican Salsa.
I was persuaded by the server to switch my order from fried chicken to burger, and I have to say, I don’t regret my choice. The server described what went into the burger, and I was sold when he said paprika. To be fair, I have not tasted the other burger, but I am not complaining. 
What you see inside – there is the chilli mayo and some veg on one side – lettuce covering the chicken piece on the other
I checked – between the burger buns lay a nice piece of juicy thigh meat, not unlike the original zinger burger, and then it is topped with some jalapeño slices (I counted 5), fresh vegetables (there was pieces of lettuce, onion and bell peppers – both green and red), and then it was topped by a hot chilli mayo, which, although, is not really Moroccan, has a nice hot-sweet-sour combination which goes well with the sweet-ish burger bun.  
KFC Burger Moroccan Chilli 
Currently, KFC has an offer going where you can buy a Zinger Burger and get a Pepsi free. Don’t forget it collect it from the counter while ordering (because I forgot), and remember, the offer is for a short time!
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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