Tresemme Ionic Strength

TRESemmé, the favourite hair care brand of New York’s fashionistas now presents another cutting-edge innovation to give your hair the strength to be styled, every day. Introducing – TRESemmé Ionic Strength, a range of shampoo and conditioner that will enable women to make bolder styling choices in the comfort of their home. Used by top hair stylists all over the world, TRESemmé Ionic Strength encourages women to make bolder choices when it comes to styling their hair. Now rest all your fears of exposing hair to products, color treatments and heat, and confidently go forth and celebrate your personal style through your tresses.

Keeping up with global salon trends and the growing desire of women to flaunt salon-styled hair, TRESemmé Ionic Strength is the perfect pick for those who want strong hair that can withstand daily styling.

Why would consumers choose Ionic Strength?The modern day fashionista isn’t afraid to experiment. But putting your hair through constant changes can take the life out of them. That’s where TRESemmé Ionic Strength comes to the rescue. It recharges and rejuvenates damaged hair leaving them beautiful and full of life again.

This innovative range is inspired from salon treatments that “reconstruct” and “repair” hair that has been exposed to styling and in the process, weakened and damaged. The Advanced IONIC Complex in this new range nourishes the hair and forms a protective shield, allowing it to withstand the potential damage due to heat styling tools and frequent brushing, while also reinforcing hair’s natural strength. Gentle enough for daily use, TRESemmé Ionic Strength ensures your hair is strong and beautifully soft making it manageable, like you have just stepped out of a salon.

How does the product work?Using an electric appliance on your hair can damage it. Damaged hair has more negative charge. TRESemmé Ionic Strength technology with ionic complex contains positively charged ingredients which get attracted to the negatively charged damaged hair, making it smoother. When used with Ionic Strength conditioner it helps restore and nourish your hair, reinforcing its natural protection to damage. Iron or straighten and explore bolder style choices!

Speaking about the launch of TRESemmé Ionic Strength, Srirup Mitra, General Manager, Hair Care, Hindustan Unilever Limited said, “Born in a salon, TRESemmé believes in feeding every woman’s intrinsic desire to look and feel beautiful. Through our products we want to give Indian women the chance to attain salon like gorgeous hair within the comfort of their home. We realize women often give up styling in fear of damaging their hair. Our new offering – TRESemmé Ionic Strength gives their hair the strength to style without compromise.”

TRESemmé’s Brand Ambassador and Bollywood diva, Diana Penty says, “For me a bold hair style completes my look no matter what I wear, but all the heavy styling, coloring etc. affected my hair and left it weak. I wasn’t ready to experiment until my hair regained its strength and shine. TRESemme’s new Ionic Strength range gave me the confidence to style again. I can now style my hair anyway I want without thinking twice!”

TRESemmé Ionic Strength Shampoo is available at 200 ml. and 580 ml. packages (190/- and 415/- respectively), while TRESemmé Ionic Strength Conditioner comes in 85 ml. and 200 ml. packages (94/- and 198/- respectively).

Disclaimer: Press Release.
Written by Poorna Banerjee

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