International artistes Charlie and Veronica perform at IDF 2015

“My lips are fierce with passion

My heart spins fiery beats

A rhythm lives within my fingers and

Dances in my feet”- Coco J. Ginger

After two power-packed, successful innings in the city, IDF was back with season 3 pulling up the dance quotient of the city by a few notches from December 18-20, 2015. The three day extravaganza challenged the otherwise dipping temperatures of a cold December week as Kolkatans stepped into their dancing boots and felt the scorching heat of Salsa, Mambo, Bachata, Chachacha, Zumba, Jive, Tango and lot more ‘Latino danse’ and basked in the steamy concoctions of scintillating and gyrating footwork.


ANDREA & SILVIA– The world Bachata Champions were there to make everyone groove to their tunes for the second time in IDF.

CHARLIE & VERONICA– The Spaniards took the packed room on a dancing spree when they brought alive on stage the sensual mishmash of Salsa and Rumba. Watch out!

GABY & ESTEFY– The dynamic duo from Dominican Republic and Spain was right there in the city of joy to bowl all out with some breath-taking Salsa. The masters of New York style Salsa with sprinklings of aerobatics, all they said was ‘viva la salsa’.

GIOVANNI & STEFANIA– Here was the flavour of Italian Danza. The duo from Italy showcased a unique blend of Bachata and Afro-Cuban expertise.

MARCO FERRIGNO– He is a manifestation of the ‘salsa craze’ that grips the world. Spearheading the team ‘Ansima Ballet’ , he is the king of mix and one of the highly demanded artist in the world right now.

KAREL FLORES– The most sought after salsero in the world, she was born to conquer hearts and stages from around the world.

NEERAJ MASKARA– With his cool dude avatar and dynamic body movements, the salsero tapped his feet right to cast a spell on the dance-devouring souls.

World Bachata champions Andrea and Silvia enthrall the crowd at IDF 2015

Forty national and local artistes from the country had taken part with DJs Cisko,  Vin and John giving the extra dose of blues to pepper up the Latino nights. The shimmering performances struck Kolkatans with a dance ‘hangover’ and the final bash on a salsa cruise was ‘one-of-a-kind’ affair with all oomph and glitz.

IDF 2015 held workshops and boot camps led by national and local artistes on all the three days to indulge the dance enthusiasts of the city in the whirlwind of Latino dance forms. Some of the highlights were ‘Hip Hop Boot camp’, ‘Ladies Styling Boot camp’ and ‘Bachata Boot camp’.  The workshops witnessed a passionate clash between JiveChachachaCuban Timba with RumbaJazz funkReggaetonZoukSalsa and Kizomba.

Not to forget was the IDF Kids. Spanning three days, the IDF Kids workshop focused on three pertinent themes of ‘Being Thankful’, ‘Self Awareness’ and ‘Motivation’, as dance always says, ‘Age no bar’. The finale on the 19th was a gala affair which nobody wanted to miss out on.

Disclaimer: Press Release.

Written by Poorna Banerjee

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